Dear Tony Gonzalez: A Few Questions from the Atlanta Falcons' Cheap Seats

Kenny CruteCorrespondent IMay 29, 2009

SANTA MONICA, CA - MAY 5:  Football player Tony Gonzales arrives at the cocktail party to announce the new collaberation between watch manufacturer IWC and car manufacturer Mercedes-AMG  and the launch event for their new product, The Ingenieur,  at Santa Monica Municipal Airport, Hangar 8 on May 5, 2005 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

Dear Tony,

As a regular attendee at the Dome, where the Dirty Birds roam, there are many questions we your new loyal fans have for you. We who typically reside high above your new playing home, somewhere between section 300 and the jumbo-tron (we call it the bird's nest), would like to have your thoughts on a few things that are important for us to know.

We hope that in asking you these things, it will give insight into what we should expect from you and the rest of the flock.

Question One:When you were told that Atlanta would be your new home, what were your first thoughts?

We know so many pro athletes call Atlanta their home, even when said jocks do not play for any of our teams. That means we should be able to do away with the pleasantries and get right to the heart of your thoughts on this one.

Question Two: How much of an adjustment will it be for you to come to Atlanta, a contender, after years of entering training camp in Kansas City with little hope of making the playoffs?

You have to be somewhat relieved in knowing that while the expectations are high here, the chance to play for a winner at this stage of your career is a lot of pressure. You were a leader in the Chiefs locker room, so we hope you bring that same attitude to us here.

Question Three: How hard is it to learn a new offensive scheme after so many years in the same system?

This should be a no-brain-er for you Tony. You can flat-out catch the rock, so we don't expect that you will have any difficulties in stretching zone defenses in the middle of the field. Enough said.

Question Four: You have been a class act your entire career in Kansas City. Is it Important for you to continue the legacy of service in the Atlanta community the same way you have done in K.C.?

Falcon fans know all too well the perils of youth and bad decisions. We have had our share of scandal, turmoil, bad blood and all. What we love about you is that you come to us with a sterling reputation, and Hall of Fame credentials. We also have a large Latin-American community here, so we hope you will add to our home, and not take away from it.

Question Five: How realistic do you think are our chances of having a winning record and making the playoffs in consecutive years?

This is the most important question we have. You see, our franchise has not posted back-to-back winning seasons ever.

That's right, since 1966, Atlanta has not been able to celebrate the success of their beloved Falcons in consecutive years. Some teams have been great one year, and woeful the next. With your arrival, we expect nothing less than a winner again this year.

We hope you do not feel too much pressure here, but we are in desperate need of the things you bring to the table. In the end, a versatile, athletic, level-headed, Hall of Fame TE is just what the doctor ordered for us. Thanks for coming to town. We are looking forward to watching you spread your Dirty wings for the Dirty Birds in 2009.


The Falcon Nation