NBA Playoffs: Can the Suns Rebound in Time for Game 2?

Ian ZymarakisSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2008

After a heart wrenching Game 1 loss which saw the Suns give up a 16 point first half lead and a lead of three points twice, once at the end of the 4th quarter and at the end of the first overtime.

One has to wonder, will the Suns be able to rebound in time for Tuesdays Game 2?

The answer is not yet known, this isn't the first time the Suns have put themselves in a hole and it definitely won't be the last.

If the Suns want to win Game 2 they must stay out of foul trouble, Shaq can't get lazy fouls in the first quarter that basically takes him out of the game for the entire first half.

Shaq said it best after Game 1 when he said, " Everybody has to step up and stay in front of their man. Usually I'll be there at the end, but there aint much you can do with five fouls....If I don't have any fouls I'll be at the rim every time."

That was Shaq referring to how the Spurs were able to penetrate to the basket everytime, especially when the game mattered most.

The Spurs are now the team without any pressure on them, this is now turning into a must win game for the Suns, they can't go back to Phoenix down 0-2 in this series, especially against a Spurs team that feeds off teams that have their backs against the walls.

Mike D'Antoni said it best when he said, " We're the better team, We've got to prove it though."

That is definitely something they must do otherwise this series could get ugly fast.

D'Antoni also added, " They dodged a bullet, We didn't catch a bullet They just dodged one. We've got to give them another one Tuesday."

One of those bullets could come in the forms of Boris Diaw and Raja Bell, both had great first halfs but then seemed to find themselves not involved in the offense during the 2nd half.

Especially Boris Diaw who was in foul trouble all of the 2nd half and  overtime.

Raja Bell played the most minutes out of either team playing about 54 minutes.

If the Suns don't want the sun to set they must get a great game from Leandro Barbosa and a great all around game from Steve Nash.

Nash finished with solid numbers but didn't play well in the first half shooting wise, that has to change also.

Game 2 of this series could possibly the most important game of the series, will the Spurs build a 2-0 lead or will the Suns steal home court from the Spurs and bring it back to the Valley of the Sun tied 1-1.

We will find out on Tuesday.