AND1 Mixtape Star 'The Professor' Releases Spider-Man Basketball: Part 3

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterDecember 10, 2013

Spider-Man has returned to the court, and he is livid

AND1 Mixtape baller Grayson “The Professor” Boucher has released the third installment of his ongoing “Spider-Man Basketball” series, and to put it plainly—things get dark

Titled “Symbiote Catch," the latest episode sees “Peter Parker” (played by The Professor) battle his inner demons and wrestle with the spirit-twisting symbiote that took control of him at the end of "Episode 2." 

As with the previous episodes, Spider-Man heads to the blacktop and challenges unsuspecting locals to pickup basketball. Spidey’s feints and crossovers are mind-bending, as expected, but this superhero is different:

He’s angry.

Faster, stronger and more ruthless than ever, Spider-Man dismantles the kids at the blacktop. 

He steals hats, smacks the ball off his opponents' heads and chops them down beneath the basket. Had they played by 2013 college basketball rules, Spider-Man would’ve been hit with a pair of flagrant fouls and incarcerated as a public-safety hazard.

After destroying the competition at the park, Peter Parker heads to school the next day and sees a gaggle of punks picking on a nerd.

A protractor-carrying member of the nerd culture, Parker takes pity on the geek and offers him some advice. The encounter is followed by some intense internal discourse back at the ballpark, where Parker manages to shed the symbiote.

In need of a host, the black sludge creeps onto a nearby blacktop and finds, who else, but Los Angeles Clippers guard Jamal Crawford. 

You know what this means: "Episode 4" could feature some hot Venom-on-Spider-Man action. 

We can hope, can’t we?


“With great basketball skill, comes great responsibility.”