Michigan Job Better for Rich Rodriguez Than WVU? B.S.!

michelle wvsportslinkContributor IApril 20, 2008

Rodthefraud gave up the job security of a lifetime, and love from devoted fans of this gorgeous State of West Virginia.  He also burned many people that were personally close to him and supported him through his life and that he used and spit on to move up to what he thinks is a better job... All the money in the world can not buy happiness.   Most of  all you can not buy respect from those you are coaching see you just can not buy that.  Michigan is using RR and in the end they too will throw him out like a piece of trash you mark my words!

Michigan forced retirement of Carr after he won a national championship he never could win against OHIO he was forced into retirement FORCED.

Everyone talks about history in my opinion that's what history is, it already happened it has nothing to do with a football program, just ask Charlie Weis the head coach of Notre Dame. "Since the first day I arrived at Notre Dame as head football coach, one of my primary goals was to be able to see this job through to the time my son, Charlie, would graduate from the University of Notre Dame and to stay in this position until I retire," Weis said. "By restructuring this contract, adding an additional five years, this allows me to accomplish that goal."

Weis originally had signed a six-year contract through the 2010 season when he was hired last December. This new deal takes effect next season and runs through 2015.

The deal will make him the highest paid coach in college football, according to ESPN's Chris Mortensen. Sources pegged the extension between $30 and $40 million. One source said it was closer to the high end of that range.

He was set up at WVU very well, his family was loved and  he had respect from people all over.  I remember reading an article about mid life crisis and could not stop laughing at just how stupid it was.  I am sure it was something one of his people thought up most likely that  great honest bunch of lawyers he has fighting a losing battle.

Rodthefraud is now under more pressure from the people there at Michigan.  Is that better?  He lost all respect of people that never even heard of him that just tuned in to the media with his headlines of the traitor of West Virginia, is that good?  Just because you have more expensive equipment, bigger playing areas or more money, that is not what makes a team.  Hey look that never mattered to begin with or Michigan would have not been so desperate to grab Rodthefraud up to begin with.  So no, I 100% disagree with the people yelling out that Michigan is a better place for a Coach.  All the money in the world can not make the new Michigan recruits play any better.  That is all bull. 

Do you think a college guy that had his parents pay his way to play on a team and did not earn his way to play will do better against a college boy that had to prove himself on the field, hell no.  My moneys on the guy that did it the hard way.

So all those pretty boys with their rich parents and all that fancy equipment to learn with guess what when it comes down to the win you can not always buy every coach off that is out there like Rich Rodriguez.  You will have to learn the hard way that money can not buy everything. I see him with many losses like to Ohio, Illinois State, Penn State to mention just a few.