Keepin' Pace With The Newest Bear: Orlando Pace

Brian LauvrayContributor IMay 29, 2009

5 Dec 1999:  Orlando Pace #76 of the St. Louis Rams is ready on the field during the game against the Carolina Panthers at the Ericsson Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Rams defeated the Panthers 34-21. Mandatory Credit: Al Bello  /Allsport

Orlando Pace signed a three-year deal with the Chicago Bears in April of 2009, days after the Bears picked up Jay Cutler in a trade with Denver. The former St. Louis Ram, Pace, is on the downswing of his career and yet, here he is still manhandling man years younger than he is; and protecting the QB like he was the President. BleacherReport sits down with Pace

BleacherReport: In one word describe your freakish size, power and speed:

BR: Looking ahead to the 2009 season how do you feel about Chicago's chances on the field and in the division? Playoffs?

BR: How do you feel about playing with such a capable and talented backfield? As a professional do you ever get nervous about letting them [Cutler and Forte] down?

BR: Your football career (high school, college and professional) has always been centered around the Midwest, is that by design? Following the money? As a senior in high school you chose Ohio State over a number of other top-tier football programs and then with the Rams drafting you, I suppose it's sort of a "Column A" "Column B" question...


BR: Working against the Bears defensive line in practice, what are some of the first impressions you've noticed about guys like Ogunleye and the rookies, Melton and Gilbert?

BR: Offensive lines that you've anchored have led to some very potent offensive numbers on the field and impressive stats for the guys you're paid to protect (Kurt Warner, Marc Bulger, Marshall Faulk and Steven Jackson). Do you take it upon yourself that the entire O-line works at a consistent and dominant level, how much of an on-field leader are you?

BR: As a native of Sandusky, Ohio, you must have spent more than a few summer days at Cedar Point, did you ever encounter any issues getting onto the rides because you were too big?