Triple H Will Walk out of the TLC Pay-Per-View as the Undisputed WWE Champion

Joe JohnsonSenior Writer IIDecember 6, 2013

Don't think that it's not possible. Don't think that it couldn't happen. There is a very real chance that Triple H will walk out of TLC as the undisputed champion, paving the way for him in the main event of this year's WrestleMania. And honestly, I would find it fascinating. 

Let's first walk through the scenario.

Going back to SummerSlam when Triple H turned heel, he stated that he wanted to do what was best for business. At the time, he said Randy Orton, with his pedigree and genetic gifts, was the embodiment of the future of the WWE and should be the champion. 

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have had issues with Orton over the last few months, citing his inability to finish off Daniel Bryan on his own, as they wavered on their decision to put full support behind him as their champion.

After helping (not physically, of course) Orton retain the title at Survivor Series against the Big Show, The Authority was interrupted by World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. It has been made clear that they are tired of Cena's act.

They think his time has passed and are looking to the future. Nonetheless, the stage has been sent for the TLC main event, and it's been reiterated that, at the end, there will be only one champion; an Undisputed WWE Champion.

Presumably, both belts will be hung from the brass ring prior to the match. Both men will battle each other in a brutal, hardcore match with numerous weapons. Bodies will go through tables. There will be welts across both men's backs from stiff chair shots. The match will likely go nearly a half hour. 

In this scenario, Triple H and Stephanie will at some point move ringside. In my opinion, The Authority should enter the arena and play guest ring announcer for the match before taking a seat near the announcer table. This would play into the psychology of the match as, at different points, both Cena and Orton would come face-to-face with Stephanie or Triple H to a big crowd pop. 

Triple H can get in Orton's face and tell him he needs to prove himself, that he's not impressed and that Orton needs to do something to show he should be the face of the WWE. 

At the end of the match, Stephanie and Cena could jaw at one another, and Orton could charge with a ladder.

Cena moves and Orton levels Stephanie, knocking her out. Cena grabs Orton, who is in shock, and immediately hits an Attitude Adjustment onto the ladder lying on the ground outside the ring. Seeing red, Triple H attacks Cena, drills him with a Pedigree. Tears off his jacket, tie and shirt, and climbs into the ring.

He sets up, scales a ladder and pulls down both belts and tells the referee to ring the damn bell.

Medics attend to Stephanie, as Triple H stands on the turnbuckle with both titles over his head. Orton and Cena both stagger to their feet, looking up to see what just happened. There was, in fact, only one champion and, once again, it's the King of Kings. 

Talk about heel heat; the crowd would be molten the next day.

Stephanie in a wheelchair, complaining about her injuries and the vicious attack. She suspends Orton indefinitely, threatening to file suit against him for attacking her. Triple H states that after extensive review, it's clear to him that there is in fact no person on the roster as damn good as him. He is the COO and knows he can represent this company better than anyone. 

Cue Cena vs. Triple H at the Rumble with Stephanie helping Triple H win and hold onto the belt. CM Punk wins the Rumble so that we get our rumored Triple H vs. CM Punk WrestleMania XXX main event with Punk being put over as the new, anti-Authority champion and alternative face for the company. 

In this fantasy, dream, impossible-to-predict and highly unlikely armchair-booking scenario, I'd bring Sheamus back as Triple H's hand-picked sidekick. We know they are workout partners and good friends. Sheamus hasn't been interesting as a babyface, but could be a good muscle backup for Triple H. When Orton is reinstated, he feuds with Sheamus to WrestleMania. 

I'm sure this will be ripped by every member of the B/R community in the comments. I only ask you to consider what else could be more interesting? And, no, don't tell me Daniel Bryan wrestling Evan Bourne in an Iron Man match.