Hellfire and Brimstone: A Small Tribute to the Big Red Machine

Patrick HallContributor IMay 29, 2009

Hello readers! Miss me? Of course not.

He's arguably the best "monster" ever to step foot in a WWE ring. To the world, he is (and always has been) Glen Jacobs, but to us, he is the big red machine, Kane.

Kane was one of the Attitude era's brightest stars. His feud with his storyline brother, The Undertaker, was the reason many tuned in. He's been WWF champion, an ECW champion, an IC champion, hardcore champ, and a multiple-time tag champion.

When I started watching wrestling, Kane instantly became my favorite. The way he'd slowly walk to the ring, summon fire from the ring posts, and when he'd get knocked down he'd just sit right up.

I'd always wonder what he looked like under his mask. I didn't know he used to portray Isaac Yankem. He was just the best in my eyes.

In early 2003, Stone Cold Steve Austin came to the ring trying to motivate the big red machine. It was at this time when Triple H offered him a spot in the most dominant faction at the time, Evolution.

Eric Bischoff then made Kane a deal where he'd get to face Trips for the world title, but if he lost, he'd have to unmask. Instantly, I was stoked.

Because I was either gonna see my favorite wrestler win the world title or see his "horribly disfigured face."

The following week came the showdown. Kane fought hard, but due to interference from the other members of Evolution, Trips got the win. My heart dropped. Kane paced around the ring before finally taking off his precious mask.

He completely snapped and choke-slamed his partner at the time, RVD, almost right out of his boots. The weeks after that were some of the best of his career. He was not "a monster", he was "THE monster" of Monday Night Raw.

He choke-slammed Eric Bischoff off the RAW stage (in one of my favorite Raw moments ever), took a car battery to Shane O'Mac's uhhh...family jewels, set Good Ol' J.R ablaze.

Since then, Kane's career has been somewhat mediocre in some people's eyes. He's intent on putting over the younger superstars, like when he let Kofi Kingston beat him.

And every time WWE tries to make a new "monster", Kane is the one who helps them look more dominant.

Some prime examples include Umaga, Khali, and Snitsky. Two of those three failed to impress and became jobbers. The Punjabi Playboy? Really WWE? Just release him already.

There have been many rumors over the interwebs that say Kane is close to retirement. He hasn't been on Smackdown in almost a month, and I'm starting to wonder...I think every single Kaneinite wants to see Kane in the WWE Hall of Fame, but what we all want more, is to see Kane win a world title just one more time.