Mike Port, There's Nothing to Review, Your Umpire Messed Up Big Time

Steven ResnickSenior Writer IMay 29, 2009

Mike Port apparently needs to read the umpires' report before making any kind of determination of what should happen to Todd Tichenor, a fill-in umpire in yesterday's Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins game.

There's no need for Port too look at the report, Tichenor messed up majorly and clearly has shown why he's usually umpiring down in AAA and even that seems too good for him now.

All the events occurred in the seventh inning as well. 

After a blown call at home where Mike Redmond got the tag down before Jeff Bailey could score, Tichenor called Bailey safe which really upset Twins catcher Mike Remond. He showed some emotion, but barely could say anything to Tichenor and within two seconds Redmond was ejected from the game. Here's the clip Now try to explain how Tichenor does not have a short fuse?

Ron Gardenhire of course went out to stick up for his catcher, and he also got thrown from the game. Yet, this was just the start for Tichenor.

In the bottom of the seventh inning on a questionable ball call, Josh Beckett yelled at Tichenor complaining about the call. Like a good catcher, Jason Varitek went to try to protect his pitcher, and he got thrown out of the game as well.

Like Gardenhire, out came Terry Francona to stand up for Varitek who had just been tossed. Eventually Tichenor ejected Francona as well.

It's interesting to note Beckett, who was the one who was upset for the longest period of time and the only one in the clip that actually cussed at Tichenor, was not ejected.

The question is now what should be done with Tichenor? A suspension? Possibly. A fine? Definitely! Never allowed to umpire in the major leagues again? Definitely considered.

This is not the first time Tichenor has been in the center of a controversy involving ejections. He's also had a game where he tossed out not only Bud Black, but also Craig Colbert, who took over once Black was ejected.

Crew Chief Jerry Layne according to Morning Juice: Outta Here was quoted as saying "Major League Baseball will review the report that Todd puts together, I don't know what was said. I just know it was very emotional at the moment...The umpire did his job."

No, Mr. Layne the umpire didn't do his job. In actuality he failed miserably at it and if it was any other job he would have been fired for his actions.

In baseball the saying is "three strikes and you're out." Well the first strike was missing the call at home plate, strike two was for throwing out Redmond and Gardenhire and strike three was for throwing out Varitek and Francona.

Not only should Tichenor be out, he should apologize to each one involved and admit that he made a huge mistake. It won't happen because just look the crew chief of yesterday's game response was.

Tichenor deserves a severe consequence for his actions in the game. He has no excuse for his actions except he wanted to be bigger then the game. Furthermore he embarrassed Major League Baseball, its fans and the rest of the umpires with his performance.