Indiana Pacers' Plane Is Grounded, Bus Breaks Down and More on Insane Travel Day

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistDecember 5, 2013

Getty Images

Sometimes the world just hates you. 

That was the case for the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night, as karma must have been out for vengeance after they squashed the lowly Utah Jazz during the fourth quarter to improve to an NBA-best 17-2.

Traveling just wasn't working.

First, the scheduled flight from Salt Lake City to San Antonio, where the Pacers will square off against the Spurs in a highly anticipated Saturday night clash, didn't go as planned. Due to some bad weather, the airline decided to land in Houston

From there, it was supposed to be an "easy" three-hour bus ride to the city that the Alamo calls home. 

Psh. As if anything could be easy for the Pacers. 

The bus broke down: 

Whataburger was closed: 

The defroster stopped working: 

C.J. Watson even managed to lock himself in the bus bathroom: 

C'mon. We've all been there (we haven't, but I'm trying to be nice here).

Seriously, how does one even do that? Kudos to Roy Hibbert for capturing the moment live. If only cameras were rolling the entire night so that we could compile a whole blooper reel. 

Unfortunately, this could be bad news for the rest of the league: 

Indiana has developed into a remarkably unselfish bunch. The team thrives off its chemistry on both ends of the court. It rotates well on defense, helps and recovers properly and thrives knowing where everyone is on the offensive end of the court. 

If any team could turn this situation into a positive one, it's the Pacers. 

Hopefully, they listened to a little Train on the journey. 

What could have been more appropriate?