Silly Japanese Baseball Video Game from 1998 Resurfaces for Your Amusement

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterDecember 4, 2013

Come for the hot J-pop licks, but stay for the entire WTF experience. Cut4's Matt Monagan spotted a true marvel from a glorious decade still looming over on It seems while the rest of us were wasting our lives on lesser baseball video games, those in Japan were getting things done, fashioning various windup styles just for giggles. 

According to the scant information gleaned from YouTube and Cut4, this video is a collection of various pitching windups created on the video game, 98 Koshien.

Apparently, you were able to craft various deliveries for your pitchers, making us jealous over a decade after this was available.

For a few seconds, we just thought we were watching Bronson Arroyo motion capture, but then quickly realized this was a baseball game with Virtua Fighter-level graphics. 

Really, the only thing I could find about the game was on its Wikipedia page, informing me that this was available back in 1998 on PlayStation. 

If anyone has more information on this game or has played it in the past, slap yourself once for me. I am extremely jealous and feel like my own childhood was a mere shadow of yours, you lucky dog. 

After that, let us know if this was indeed an option in the game and whether the rest of the experience was as awesome as it seems. And by awesome, we mean so downright bad that it's actually rather addicting. Kind of like watching the Houston Astros field a team. 

As for favorites, I rather enjoy the pitcher who just sort of lays out seductively on the mound, leading us to believe there is indeed a way to look suave and dominate nine innings. 

Now go back to your next-generation console and weep at its inability to create such nonsense. 


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