Manchester United: Champions League Showdown

Red Army ManchesterCorrespondent IApril 20, 2008

Well here we are again, another football season soon to be over, that moment of the year when all the teams have either realised their dreams or fallen by the wayside, trying to achieve that success that they all seek.

Just a few clubs left in the domestic title race and a few more fighting to either stave off relegation or being promoted to a higher division.

The season's Champions League semis and finals fast approach, with just those four clubs who have maintained elements of luck and skill, to guide them this far.

So on Tuesday we see Liverpool take on Chelsea at Anfield, to be honest this is going to be a hard game to call but we have to say that luck is usually on Liverpool's side but with the second leg played at The Bridge, I am not so sure.

Then in the other draw, we see Manchester United travel to the Nou Camp or Camp Nou in some places, to take on Barcelona in their first leg of the semi finals.

Again not a done deal, even though a lot of the pundits reckon United will fly through the semis.

Barca are not a team to take lightly, they have some quality players who on the night can make it a tough game and are certainly capable of winning.

The saving grace of this semi final is definitely the second leg at Old Trafford, where United are more likely to win a place in the final in Moscow but that said, there is always a surprise or two, that might rear its ugly head and ruin someone's dreams.

So like most of the pundits and fans, I am really hoping for a Manchester United v Liverpool final, for football's sake, its the final everyone wants to see and yet another chance to renew the rivalry that exists in the North West between these two old great clubs.

My one and only other hope, is that if Man United do make the final, Paul Scholes finally gets a chance to play, after missing out last time, lets face it, he hasn't got many seasons left, so for him, it would be the fulfilment of a dream.

To win it as well, something that we fans couldn't possibly comprehend as a player.

As fans though, what a night to remember

So let the battle commence and may the best team win and I just hope and pray in my case, it is Manchester United yet again, who bring home the trophy, sorry guys, you surely didn't expect me to not say that right?