One Of The Many Days of The Summer: My Waterfront Ballpark

Rocky YipContributor IMay 29, 2009

My birthday every year usually is on the same day as Fans Appreciation Day.  I'm happy and sad at the same time.  I'm happy because I'm another year older, which also means I've passed by another year of Giants baseball.  Lately, I've been sad more because my favorite San Francisco Giants have not been to the playoffs, no October baseball for me.

My two friends' birthdays are usually in between Opening Day, so I'm twice as happy, every year, when I attend to Opening Day.  I've been going to Opening Days since 2003.  Seven years in a row. 

Well, how do I spend my summers?

On a cold night of May.  27,000+ fans attended to my waterfront ballpark.  I sat in section 213.  Those $8 bleacher tickets versus a $30 club level ticket, for one night, I took a break from sitting at the bleachers.  I wore my new black and orange Undefeated cap, my black authentic Barry Bonds jersey, and my new Max Orange Air Jordans.  I followed my tradition to attend to any potential home sweeps, with a broom in hand to sweep the opposite team away.  I was in for a good night of a game.

My friend and I went in early so we can try to catch a ball or two from the opponent's batting practice.  A quick note to all visitors, "Please bring a glove, because that's how Giants fans does it."  We went through the Build-A-Bear workshop, passed by the Giant glove and the Coke Bottle.  My friend and I finally stopped by a concession stand where they serve "Crazy Crab Panini", and it must be the best $15 crab sandwich I have ever had in my life.

After all the pre-game activities we did, my friend and I settled down for our main event of the night.  The baseball game.  I saw flashes of the dominance from The Big Unit, Randy Johnson.  It's the second time I have seen him pitched this year on Opening Night.  The dominance that he possesses to win 299 times.  I saw Travis Ishikawa's loud foul ball that went into the water.  The game itself was a good one.  Miscues has costed the Braves the early runs, but the Giants nearly gave it all back and almost spoiled my traditional sweep.  The game lasted a bit over three hours.  I enjoyed every minute of it. 

We enjoyed the game until the game was over.  Three hours later, I swung the broom side to side to complete the sweep. 

Just one of my many nights how I spend my summer.  At my waterfront ballpark, home of the San Francisco Giants - AT&T Park.