The Best MMA Fighters From... | Pt. 2: Greg Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IMay 29, 2009

Well, if the picture doesn't say enough, then let me just tell you that this is, if not the best, one of the best camps to train in the world.

Based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, this camp is where only the best survive. I've been told that someone with swine flu walked into the camp, and came out looking like Brock Lesnar (I told you in Pt. 1 that I'd have a corny joke about swine flu). I digress!

Greg Jackson takes his own form of martial arts, a form he calls Gaidojutsu, and combines it with fighter's own strengths. What tends to happen when these two factors are mixed together is success, and lots of it. reports that fighters training at Greg Jackson's camp in New Mexico have an 81 percent win percentage in their fights. Not a shabby number, and I'm sure if you talked to Jackson he'd say that numbers are just numbers, and that it means nothing when you get into the cage, but, still, the numbers don't lie.

Fighters based out of Jackson's camp are endless. Take Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre for example. Throw a touch of Keith Jardine in with a dash of Roger Huerta, a pinch of Joey Villasenor, a chunk of Nate Marquardt...well, you get the point.

There are simple reasons why these people attend Jackson's camp, and you can be sure that it's not something in the water. If you want to win, plain and simple, you get with winners. Jackson's camp is full of them, and don't expect that to change anytime soon.

Of course, just as there are perks to training with the camp, there's downsides as well. Lots of fighters who train with the best, never wish to fight their new friends if they progress to that point in their career. This not only leaves a hole in their future, but also in matchmaker Joe Silva's pen and paper. The UFC has always been about the best fighting the best...but what if they don't want to fight one another?

There's also certain fighters who feel that Jackson neglects their training to favor another, better fighter. Enter Diego Sanchez. Sanchez used to be a regular at Jackson's camp, until he left due to Jackson's relationship with St. Pierre. Yet, his relationship with Jackson is still okay, and he holds no grudge against him for the dispute.

But for every one that goes, another comes. Enter Joe Stevenson.

Stevenson was on the top of the world going into his UFC title fight with current UFC Lightweight champion BJ Penn. But from the outset of the fight, Stevenson was outclassed, outmatched, and outdone in every phase of the fight game. Now, on the brink of being the first TUF winner to be kicked out of the UFC, Stevenson knows a win against Nate Diaz is a must, so he left his training camp (Cobra-Kai) and is now training with Jackson.

So, what it really comes down to is one word: winning. Jackson's camp has it. Does yours?


Next Edition: We will be visiting the HQ of another phenomenal training camp in Las Vegas, Nevada. You don't want to miss the exciting edition that highlights Randy "The Natural" Couture's Xtreme Couture camp in Nevada (and he has more locations too). As always, comments and insight is always appreciated.