15 Coaches Misbehaving

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15 Coaches Misbehaving
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Athletes at every level in every sport are routinely fined and/or suspended for various displays of bad behavior. The offenses run the gamut from those committing relatively minor infractions to those running majorly afoul of the law. 

That being said, it's become so commonplace that many barely register as a story anymore. Often times the incidents are brushed off as youthful indiscretions or the product of intense passion for the game. 

That's when they're committed by athletes. When coaches break the rules, it's an entirely different situation. Coaches are there to set the standard for their players and lead by example. It's difficult to enforce rules when you can't even follow them yourself. 

"Do as I say, not as I do" doesn't even work particularly well with small children. It certainly doesn't play well with teenagers and grown men. Here are 15 coaches who have been caught misbehaving. 


*Just a note: There are no baseball managers included in this list because their special brand of freakout is on an entirely different level. 

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