Miss McCool....First Lady Of Smackdown!

mrspunkContributor IMay 29, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  Michelle McCool waves to the fans during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

So here I'm once again...

It's time for some divas... I must admit I'm a big fan of Michelle Mccool.

I was reading her blog earlier...she's doing some big promises, but I really think she can fulfill them. She's really on her way to become the women's championship; no offense to Melina.

due to my nationality I should be supporting Melina to retain the championship... I respect her, actually think she's a great wrestler, she's got style...but to be honest I'm completely on Michelle's side.

I enjoy to watch her wrestling, she's very fast and strong, her attitude just fits her; she knows how to handle her in-ring character and her out-ring persona, which is great.

The girl's not only a pretty face, she's got talent, and straight, and she's got brains!, God knows you need brains to be a respectful heel in this business.

So give it to her! She completely deserves it. I'm quite sure all of us will enjoy that match, it might come sooner that we think; Michelle is definetively on her way to become the first to hold both championships.

Also if you've been reading her blog, the girl's got sense of humor out of er broken nose, even tough she accepts Melina broke it, she declares: "she still hits like a girl".

That's the attitude!...

That's it...I wont ask you if you prefer the sweetest or the meanest version of her, cause honestly she's a great heel...so no more sweet little girl.

But I do want to know what's your opinion...will she be the first to hold both...Divas and Women's?

Let me know.....


Quote: You can have it all...you just can't have it all at once.-Michelle Mccool