WWE TLC 2013: Survivor Series Stars Who Deserve Bigger Spotlight

Anthony Mango@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistDecember 2, 2013

WWE TLC 2013: Survivor Series Stars Who Deserve Bigger Spotlight

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    The 2013 WWE TLC pay-per-view is coming up and so far, only two men have been given an official spot on the card: John Cena and Randy Orton.

    Who else deserves a spot on the card?

    Without a doubt, Orton and Cena are going to be the main focal points of the event, but this should not come at the expense of everyone else.

    There are plenty of wrestlers that should be taking a step up from their spot at Survivor Series or were overlooked there as well and deserve to be given some of the spotlight.

    Whether they were shortchanged a few weeks ago or they've worked hard enough to justify a promotion, here is a list of five people that may be in a lackluster spot for TLC, but shouldn't be.


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    Since Kane has returned after being abducted by The Wyatt Family, his position on the roster and the directions WWE has taken his character have been odd.

    Kane had been set up for an obvious feud against The Wyatt Family or alternatively alongside them and against the person they were feuding with at the time, The Miz.

    Immediately, though, all three parts of this trio went separate ways and instead of giving Kane someone else to feud with, WWE slapped a suit on him and put him on the backburner.

    Although there is potential in Kane being a member of The Authority, he has done virtually nothing in that role so far.

    This almost makes it pointless to have brought him back in the first place, as he's accomplished just about the same as he was doing while he was away.

    To illustrate that Kane actually does serve a purpose, he should be involved in some kind of match at TLC.

    At this point, almost any match against almost anyone will be a step up, but ideally, Kane should be fighting it out with someone that The Authority has problems with.

    Kane should step in to be a fixer of problems for The Authority, and there's no better person to fill that slot than by facing Big Show.

Big Show

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    As of right now, Big Show has no official match at Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

    While the fans may not necessarily care anywhere near as much about Big Show as they do someone like Daniel Bryan, there shouldn't be a jarring transition for anyone's roster spot.

    Seeing as how Big Show had just competed as a threat to the WWE Championship, he should still be in a prominent spot on the card for TLC.

    Outside of injuries, contractual disputes or personal issues, there is no logical reason why someone like Big Show should go from a top dog to a bit player.

    The storyline right now is that Big Show has not been cleared to compete, but if WWE considers Big Show to be an important enough person and a big enough draw to warrant giving him the main event of Survivor Series, he needs to be a selling point of TLC as well.

    Since Big Show is being pushed aside for the championship scene and his feud with The Authority should continue, the two most likely opponents for him should theoretically be Triple H himself or the much more reasonable Kane.

    Big Show facing Kane, though a match the audience has seen many times in the past, follows the storyline as well as appeals to the fans of matches that feature two big men against each other.

    Even if the World's Largest Athlete isn't going up against the Big Red Machine, he deserves a bigger spotlight than what he's getting on TV at the moment.

Dolph Ziggler

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    In nearly every discussion about underutilized superstars, it seems inevitable that Dolph Ziggler's name will come up.

    Ziggler has been unable to recover from his concussion, which essentially robbed him of what could have been the championship reign that cemented his main event spot.

    Instead of being someone at the top of the roster, Ziggler's floundered around the midcard ever since without even any solid feuds to sink his teeth into.

    Rather than looking like a priority, Ziggler frequently looks like an afterthought, which is a shame as he clearly is a hard worker that has a fanbase.

    Ziggler was left off the Survivor Series card entirely and there is a good chance that this could happen again, but it shouldn't.

    If WWE realizes that Ziggler is a valuable asset for providing an entertaining match by pairing him up with Damien Sandow on Raw, he shouldn't be overlooked when it comes to the pay-per-views.

    It's as simple as that.

    Ziggler should not go from being a World Heavyweight champion to being someone who WWE can't find a purpose for in the same year just because of a poorly timed injury that happened months ago.

Damien Sandow

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    When Damien Sandow cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and became the second briefcase-holder to come up short, there were two routes WWE could have gone.

    The first route would have been to abandon Alberto Del Rio and position Sandow as the next challenger to John Cena's title at the next pay-per-view, which was Survivor Series.

    Many fans assumed this would happen and that it would lead to Sandow winning the championship legitimately, rather than in a quick cash-in attempt. Sandow would look stronger and the patience would be rewarded.

    Instead of doing this, WWE went the second route: moving on.

    Like many other feuds over the course of the past two months, quick enough to make you feel dizzy, WWE abruptly dropped things and went in a different direction.

    Sandow, instead of being a main event star, was immediately forgotten and pushed aside.

    Right now, Sandow has been used only as half of a gimmick match to wake up the crowd on Raw with fellow underutilized talent Dolph Ziggler.

    If he, too, is left off the TLC card as he was at Survivor Series, it will signify that WWE never truly had faith in him as a top guy when he was given Money in the Bank.

    Seeing as how it seems like we are getting a title unification, there is a good chance that is a possibility, which is unfortunate for Sandow and his fans.

Daniel Bryan

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    By far, the superstar that deserves a bigger spotlight than what he's getting right now is Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan has become a fan favorite and a huge reason that people have been interested in what is going on in WWE for the past few months.

    After being screwed out of his rightful WWE Championship reigns, there has been virtually no closure to his storyline against The Authority.

    The feud ended abruptly to make room for a haphazardly thrown together tag team program involving CM Punk and The Wyatt Family, which in turn has also been seemingly scrapped to an extent.

    Punk appears to be no longer involved and there still has been no development in the story of why Bray Wyatt has involved himself with Bryan.

    Instead of continuing to showcase his popularity in a primary spot on the card, WWE has decided to turn Bryan into a glorified midcarder with a rather mediocre storyline involving an unproven and injured Wyatt along with his two rookie henchmen.

    At SummerSlam, it would be easy to assume that Bryan would be walking into TLC as the WWE champion, not someone who will be more filler than substance for the card.

    Who else do you think should be given a better position on the pay-per-view? Is anyone being underutilized and overlooked?

    Leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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