Florida Football: 5 Potential Candidates for Gators' OC Job

Randy ChambersAnalyst IDecember 1, 2013

Florida Football: 5 Potential Candidates for Gators' OC Job

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    As expected, Florida decided to fire offensive coordinator Brent Pease just one day after losing to Florida State and ending a 4-8 season. The Gators offense ranked dead last in the SEC in total offense and scoring offense. With the consistent struggles, this move shouldn't have surprised anyone.

    Now the question is, who replaces him?

    It's a decision that isn't easy considering whoever is picked must be able to provide an instant upgrade. The last thing this program needs is another poor offensive performance and another season that drives Florida fans to drink. However, a hire should be made sooner than later due to the fact recruits are watching the situation closely.

    With that said, don't be surprised if a lesser-known coach is hired, or a promotion is given to a coach who is already on the staff.

Lane Kiffin, Unemployed

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    You know, because why not?

    I could just see Muschamp and Kiffin fitting in so well on the sidelines. Muschamp and his fiery personality would blend in well with Kiffin and his laid-back attitude. Could you imagine the press conferences? Absolute gold. This hire would be like a superhero coaching staff!

    Two big and accomplished names calling the shots together. If it works, watch out.

    While Kiffin did stink it up at USC as a head coach, he was always praised for being a creative offensive mind. When he called the shots as offensive coordinator for the Trojans in 2005-06, they won 23 out of 26 games. Granted, the talent on those rosters were insane, but wins all count the same.

    Being an offensive coordinator would take the pressure off of Kiffin and allow him to repair his image for a possible future heading coaching gig. It'd also set Florida up for some extreme fireworks and possible big-time winning.

    Please make this happen.

Tony Franklin, Cal Offensive Coordinator

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    Few offensive coordinators in the country know the Air Raid offense as much as Tony Franklin. As you see in the video, he even gives out some of his secrets once in a while.

    Currently running Cal's offense, the Golden Bears ranked third in the Pac-12 in passing offense and showed remarkable promise despite having such a young roster. Back in 2006, he helped lead Troy to its first Sun Belt title with an offense that was ranked second in the conference.

    As if numbers weren't enough to impress you, Franklin also spent some time with Will Muschamp at Auburn. Franklin was later fired after a poor showing in 2008, but he did help the Tigers rank fifth in the SEC in rushing in his first season with the team in 2007.

    Franklin is a veteran coach who runs an exciting and productive offense. It may be worth giving him a call.

Seth Littrell, Indiana Offensive Coordinator

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    That's a picture of Seth Littrell tearing it up back in the day. Now, he's a terrific offensive coordinator who is giving opposing defenses fits. Indiana can't do much on the defensive end, but it has been an offensive juggernaut ever since Littrell joined the coaching staff.

    Last year, the Hoosiers led the Big Ten in passing yards and ranked 17th nationally. This year, they're ranked second in the Big Ten in total offense, as they're averaging more than 500 yards per game and are converting 46.74 percent of third-down attempts.

    Keep in mind, Littrell is going up against some quality defenses in the Big Ten. Some of the players he's coached include Rob Gronkowski and Nick Foles.

    He's not a sexy name, but he gets the job done with a pass-happy offense and would certainly bring the excitement back to this side of the ball.

Philip Montgomery, Baylor Offensive Coordinator

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    The dream offensive coordinator?

    Some guy named Philip Montgomery.

    By now you've seen the Baylor offense. It spreads defenses from sideline-to-sideline and allows its playmakers to work in space. Despite what you may believe after this season, Florida has no problem recruiting speedsters and athletes who would thrive in one-on-one coverage.

    Baylor consistently has a top-tier offense and currently leads the country with an average of 634.4 yards per game. Um, what? Montgomery has become a popular name among head coaching candidates and could probably land a nice gig. But if there's a program capable of flashing enough dollar signs in his face, it's Florida.

Joker Phillips, Florida Wide Receivers Coach

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    Let's be honest, there's no way to guarantee success with any hire. Just because a certain guy has been killing it with one team, doesn't mean he'll continue that somewhere else. You just witnessed that with Brent Pease.

    However, one way to help ensure a quality product is to hire somebody within the team. Somebody like wide receiver coach Joker Phillips. He's familiar with the SEC having worked with Kentucky, South Carolina and now the Gators. He's approaching his second season with Florida and knows the ins and outs of the program and what the players are capable of.

    It's an easy plug and play.

    And while nothing is guaranteed, it's probably the safest available hire at this point.