NFL BM: Predraft News and Notes

Michael McGowanSenior Analyst IApril 20, 2008

News Flash out of New York, Jeremy Shockey feels under appreciated.  If I am the Giants I would do anything I can to send Jeremy to another team.  He was up drinking beers while his team was winning the whole thing last year.  His attitude is terrible, and he hasn't been making plays the last couple years.  But Honestly, he is a top flight tight end and he should bring back a linebacker or 2nd round draft pick.  Right now the New Orleans Saints are leading the push and have offered a second round pick. 

Shockey feels that with a new role in the offense or a new team, he will be much more successful.  He has threatened to sit out the upcoming year.


Jared Allen the player favorite in KC is expected to leave.  He spent the maximum amount of time allowed by the league with the Vikings, and now plans to go and do the same down in Tampa.  Allen a pro bowl D-end is ready to move on.  Only thing left to figure out is what his worth is.  The Chiefs have been rumored to be asking for anything from a first round and a third to to just a first.  In a draft where it is not really a prize to be drafting in the first round, I think it may happen.


Brian Urlacher is seriously thinking about holding out come training camp of 2008.  It is time for him to get a big extension, but the Bears are still rumored to be thinking about it.  This could turn into a huge problem come the start of the season, stay tuned.


Marion Barber's contract situation is becoming a problem.  He wants to be paid like the best player at his position. Ummm LT?  Someone please tell him he is not LT.  The Cowboys are expected to take a Running back in the first two rounds and now they have to deal with paying Marion Barber LT money.  Good luck Boys.


I guess it is time to Free Pacman.  The man who was wanted for the shooting in the Vegas club that night, the one who got Pacman suspended was caught.  Now I guess it is time to let him back in.  I give him six games, I think that should be the Vegas over/under.