Detroit's Hossa Pondering a Pittsburgh Return (Humor)

Chris MillerCorrespondent IApril 12, 2017

As expected, Detroit Red Wings winger Marian Hossa has openly expressed interest in returning to Pittsburgh, pending the outcome of the Stanley Cup Final set to begin this Saturday.

"If we (Detroit) wins the cup, then no," Hossa said regarding a return to Pittsburgh. "I want to be on the best team. That said, if the Pens (Pittsburgh) win, I'd be very interested in joining them."

"I just want to win the cup. I want to hold it, feel it, embrace it, and kiss it as I lift it over my head."

This is nothing new for Hossa. 

Following Pittsburgh's six game defeat to Detroit in the finals last year, Hossa denied financial security for life, turning down nearly $50 million to sign a one year, $7 million deal with Detroit. 

The reason?

“When I compared the two teams, I felt like I would have a better chance to win the Cup in Detroit.”

Could Pittsburgh welcome back the sniper who left them?

Depends on the finances, sir Marian.

With high-price contracts aplenty, Pittsburgh has limited cap space for next year. Add in the return of Jaromir Jagr, who was quoted as saying he would play for Pittsburgh at the league minimum, the need for Hossa itself becomes a question. 

Pending the series, signing Hossa may even be detrimental in its own regard, as the winger would create a new superstition throughout the league.

Sign Hossa, and you won't win the Cup.

This, of course, is all dependent on the outcome of the series.

And if the series doesn't go Marian's way, and he again watches the Cup raised by another team, watch out for the bandwagon trail.