NBA's Superstars: Who May They Be?

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NBA's Superstars: Who May They Be?
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Think about it. When you think about superstars, who do you think of? Are they usually players that average 20+ points per game or average a double-double? Or are they players that lead their team far in the postseason?

Defining what a superstar is very difficult yet we use the word so much, it seems like superstars in the NBA aren't rare? So what defines a superstar and who are superstars in the NBA?

Often when I think about superstars, I usually think of someone who can do can dominate one aspect of a basketball game. Whether it's scoring the ball, rebounding the ball, being a playmaker, great defensive stopper, or a great player in the clutch.

But to come to think of it, that doesn't define a superstar.

Being a superstar is being able to will your team to victory on a consistent basis. Being able to perform at high level when your team needs you the most. Being able to dominate the game in multiple ways. A superstar can make a mediocre team into a very good team or a good team into a championship contender. A superstar is able to make the others players around him better and help turn very good players into an all star.

In most cases, a team may not be as good with the absense of their superstar(unless the player was playing injured and messing up the team's chemistry).

Now there are many players that can play at a superstar level and has some qualities that I have listed but they are not superstars.

Close but no cigars(not in order)

Amar'e Stoudemire

Deron Williams

Yao Ming

Dwight Howard

Brandon Roy

Vince Carter

Carmelo Anthony

Chris Bosh

Tony Parker

Chauncey Billups

There are more players that are close but I just chose the first ten players that I could think of.

Here are who I believe are superstars in the NBA

Tim Duncan

Kobe Bryant

Allen Iverson

Kevin Garnett

LeBron James

Dwyane Wade

Steve Nash

Chris Paul

Tracy McGrady

Dirk Nowitzki

Paul Pierce

Ray Allen

As you see, there are only a few superstars in the league. Only the Boston Celtics, have more than one superstar. This can all change by next season but for now those are the NBA's Superstars.

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