Matt Hardy Slams Raw Angle, WWE's Creative Direction

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 26, 2013

This Miz TV segment has caused a lot of fuss.
This Miz TV segment has caused a lot of fuss.from

Former WWE performer Matt Hardy has taken to his Twitter account to criticize Monday's Miz TV segment with former NFL superstar Michael Strahan.

The rather nonsensical segment, which saw Strahan attempt various wrestling moves with The Miz and Titus O'Neil and generally make a mockery of kayfabe, has been met with generally negative reviews from critics and fans. Jason Powell of was particularly scathing, writing:

This left me feeling like we are about two steps away from having Triple H close out the show while all the wrestlers stand behind him on the stage. The credits will roll and Hunter and company will all start hugging and waving to the camera just as every episode of Saturday Night Live ends.

Matt Hardy, who worked from WWE from 1998 to 2010, took to social media to complain about the segment:

Hardy also explained how he felt WWE's main problems are rooted in a bad creative process and that this is why the company has lost so much ground.

It's difficult to argue with Hardy's points here. I mean, you wouldn't expect to be watching Breaking Bad and suddenly have Bryan Cranston turn around, face the camera and joke about everything being a fake television show, would you?

Not that anyone should expect Raw or SmackDown to provide the high-standard storytelling of Breaking Bad or Mad Men, but the point still stands. You have to allow fans to believe in what they're watching. 

On the bright side, as lame and strange as this edition of Miz TV was, it was still better than last week's totally disastrous "Divas Musical Chairs" skit.

At least all three guys, particularly Strahan, appeared to be having fun with it (even if no one else was). And the segment may gather the company some decent mainstream press in the next couple of days. We'll have to wait and see.