The 5 Things You Hate As a Detroit Tigers Fan

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IMay 28, 2009

Every professional and collegiate sports organization has traditions, rituals and last but not least, enemies or hatreds.

As a die-hard Tigers' fan, I live and die by the way the guys with that Olde English "D" on their chest play everyday and night. Over the many years of going downtown to attend a game in person or staring at the television, I have grown enemies with other teams, traditions and other parts of the game.

So I was thinking, what do Detroit Tigers' fans hate? Here's five things I came up with, in no specific order...

A.J. Pierzysnki

Sorry South Side fans, but I don't think anybody really could say they're a A.J. Pierzysnki fan. Nobody knows why, but we all just hate the guy.

Is it the way he plays the game? His physical appearance? The team he plays for? His stuck up personality? The way he likes to pick fights?

I think it's a healthy dose of all of those. But, as we continue to hate on Pierzynski, he continues to be a Tigers' killer, as he bats over .300 career versus Detroit.

The Sizemore-Granderson Comparisons

As a Detroit Tigers baseball fan and avid baseball lover, the comparisons and debates between American League Central foes; Curtis Granderson of Detroit and Grady Sizemore of Cleveland are a bit overwhelming.

Both being young, dominant outfielders, the two are compared on a regular basis. You can't watch a Tigers-Indians game without hearing about it at least three or four times throughout the game.

Plus, come on Tigers' fans, we all know Granderson is head and shoulders better then Sizemore. His blazing speed, power, stifling defense and constant 150% effort makes Curtis a better player and everybody should see that.

Hitter's Ballparks

As a Detroit fan, you are used to the spacious outfield with large left-center and right-center gaps for doubles and triples. When the Tigers' travel smaller stadiums, it seems as if almost routine fly balls are deep bombs into the stands.

Stadiums like "The New" Yankee Stadium, Rogers Centre and the Metrodome are all on Tigers' fans hit-list. Dave Dombrowski has built his team around pitching and defense, so to have short porches and small dimensions plays against Detroit's style of play.'

Also, the 420 ft. dead center fence at Comerica Park in Detroit is a life saver, any many fans should know what I mean. How many times did we see Todd Jones give up deep fly balls to that area, just to have Granderson run it down on the warning track and our hearts to stop? One to many times, that's how many. 

New York Yankees

Well, dosen't everybody hate the Yankees? It's a love 'em or hate 'em thing for the Bronx Bombers and if you don't wear the pinstripes, you despise them. Everybody and their brother will deny the hatred is based off of the Yankees success, but we all know it is.

We also hate how players sign with the Evil Empire just to see a large check be deposited into their already thick bank account. Example, C.C. Sabathia ($161 M), Alex Rodriguez ($275 M) and Mark Teixeira ($180 M).

Major League Baseball fans hate the Yankees with such a passion that their favorite player could sign with them, and all of a sudden, that player is all but dead to most of his fans.

I don't think it gets any better then beating the Yankees in the Bronx or winning a game off of closer, Mariano "The Sandman" Rivera.

Early and Late Season Weather

You don't have to live in Michigan to know that the weather here sucks for most of the year. The inaugural game at Comerica Park in 2000, between the Seattle Mariners and the Tigers (Detroit won 5-2, Brian Moehler picked up the win, by the way) had weather of early January. The game featured single digit temperatures with hail and snow.

In Detroit, you can't entirely trust the weather until mid-late June. A snow storm in April is no suprise to us Michiganders and a 65 degree day in May is the definition of tropical around here.

Late season weather hasn't been experienced much with the lack of success of the Tigers over the past decade or so, other then 2006. September and October weather isn't any better then the March and April weather. A chilly, crisp breeze always seems to find the stadium and snow is always a possibility.

There you have it, my five things Detroit Tigers' fans hate the most. You have any more things that should have been included? Let me know.