Inside Look At The Packers: What Does Donald Driver Think?

G DCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

GREEN BAY, WI - NOVEMBER 30:  Donald Driver #80 of the Green Bay Packers performs a 'Lambeau Leap' as he celebrates with fans after scoring a 6-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field on November 30, 2008 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Wide Receiver Donald Driver is in his 11th season with the Green Bay Packers.

During those 11 seasons he's accumulated a respectable place in the team record books, in many categories only trailing legendary wide receivers James Lofton and Sterling Sharpe.

More importantly he is a tough-as-nails, do-anything type of player that has become a natural leader for Green Bay's young talented receiving corps.

Here are a few questions for DoubleD (And Donald; if you read this, feel free to e-mail me your answers!)

What is going on with your contract? Do you want to renegotiate? Are you going to make it to OTAs?

All the chatter this offseason about the defense has short-changed the offense. How do you see the Packers offense evolving this year?

The Packers under Mike McCarthy have traditionally been a pass-happy team: Do you see that changing?

The Packers have talent at wide receiver with Greg Jennings becoming an impact player; James Jones, Jordy Nelson and Ruvell Martin making contributions; and a couple of rookies thrown in the mix. You've taken on sort of a mentor role -- so how are these guys doing?

With the bevy of talent at wide receiver, McCarthy liked to run a five wide receiver package: How did you feel about that package and being the strength and focus of the offense?

As an offensive player, you've gone up against 4-3 defenses and 3-4 defenses. Is one harder to play against than the other? How do you see the Packers' switch working out?

You are usually mentioned as one of the most physically fit members of the team: Has keeping in peak physical shape kept your skills from diminishing with age?

You had a great relationship with Brett Favre, what do you make of his re-un-retirement and his flirtation with the Minnesota Vikings? Any feelings of betrayal? Any sense that Packers management made the wrong decision or didn't handle the situation well?

Obviously there are a lot of differences between Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers; what observations have you made about the differences between their offenses?

Did Rodgers grow as a quarterback during the season? Do you have any doubts about his ability to lead the team?

What team did you root for growing up? I know your family is from Houston, were you a Oilers fan?

Are you superstitious? Do you have any rituals for game day?

You qualified for the 1996 Olympic Field Trials in the high jump with a nation leading leap of 7 feet, 6½ inches at the 37th annual Pelican Relays; Can you talk about making the decision to try and make it in football instead of the Olympics? Ever wonder how things would have worked out if you made a different decision?