John Morrison Mania: WWE Face Or Heel?

mrspunkContributor IMay 28, 2009

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Hi folks!

I'm back with another topic, I was reading your comments and I found something very interesting. I think most of you will agree with me, when I mentioned the new generation of Smackdown I forgot completely about someone: The shaman of sexy.

John Morrison is, without doubt, taking place in the smackdown roster. He's been dueling some of the greatest, such as Chris Jercho and Shelton Benjamin. He's been given the chance to prove himself.

Let's face the facts, the guy's got incredible movements. He looks good and comfortable in the ring, and it's wonderful to watch him wrestle. So there can't be any doubt, he's got it.

But here's the rub. Whats his best side? Face or heel?

When he was with the Miz, I always tought they were great, funny to watch, and also a good tag team. They did awful stuff and it fit them, a couple of good looking heels.

But now that he's doing it "solo" he's developing more. He's making it big, but I'm not quite sure about the face turn. I mean he's doing an incredible job and if he continues like this, he might get bigger and bigger. Maybe it will take us all some time to assimilate the fact that he's, for the time being, a good guy.

So, that's my tought, let me hear what you people think, face or heel?

Quote: "Life is a journey not a destination"—Aerosmith, Amazing

P.S: Please forgive me for the pic! I couldnt find one of him on this program...