Champions League: Man U V. Barcelona

Kirirorto ShadowsContributor IMay 28, 2009


As the gods of Rome were watching the spectacular champions league match, Man U. vs. Barcelona, fans were expecting a wonderful match between two highly rated teams. Some could also refer to it as a Messi vs. Cristiano Ronaldo show down.

Barcelona 2

  • Eto'o 10,
  • Messi 70

Manchester United 0



This match was all about class and skill, but to everyone shock it looked liked boys playing grown men, and the boys (Man U.) were crying to their mommies. Barcelona’s fine passing to Man U. display led to an overload of possession giving Man U no chance to strike. Many believed that Barcelona’s back four would be weak due to the suspension of the French football player Éric Abidal and Brazilian Daniel Alves. To Man U fans dismay Sir Alex Ferguson played an awkward combination of players. Andersoninstead of Scholes, Park Ji Sun instead of Nani, and his front three did not include Tevez or Berbatov in the starting line up.

This year Man U had a wonderful year, winning the Barclays Premier League. They were the team to beat, but with Fergusonstarting eleven selection gone array all hope was lost. Barca as always played a wonderful game of passing football while Man U tried to search for Rooney and Ronaldo the entire match.