Elementary School Football Team Sticks Together to Help Out Bullied Water Boy

Tristan ThornburghSocial Media StaffNovember 23, 2013


Danny Keefe, a six-year-old kindergartner from Bridgewater, Mass., suffered a brain hemorrhage shortly after he was born that causes some speech issues. 

Danny dresses in a suit and tie, and he helps out the fifth grade boys' football team as their water boy. As a sign of their support against the bullying that Danny experiences, the team dressed up in suits and ties of their own.

Update: Saturday, Dec. 14 at 3:03 p.m. ET

Danny and his friend Tommy appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently. Danny's story was told, and the boys received some pretty cool gifts.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady gave the boys tickets and pregame field passes to the team's final game of the regular season against the Buffalo Bills on Dec. 29. Owner Robert Kraft is also throwing in tickets to the Patriots' Hall of Fame for the entire Bridgewater football team.

Oh yeah, they also got new fedoras from Ellen.

--End of Update--

For a group of fifth graders to demonstrate this much love for a fellow student is truly rare and incredible.

Hat tip to Reddit for the find.