DeShawn Stevenson: Why Talk about LeBron James?

Gary LloydSenior Analyst IApril 19, 2008

You know in the movie Dumb and Dumber when the cop tells Harry and Lloyd "You'd keep your mouth shut if you knew what was good for you?"

Well, the cop should really have said that to DeShawn Stevenson.

Late in the season, Stevenson said that NBA scoring leader LeBron James was "overrated." Rumor is that he said it because of something James might have said about him behind his back.

Regardless, Stevenson should let his game do the talking, not his mouth.

In the opening game of the 2008 NBA Playoffs, James went for 32 points, 20 of which came in the second half. 

In the waning minutes of the game, James made two clutch buckets in the paint to put the Cavaliers ahead for good.

DeShawn Stevenson, on the other hand, scored just three points on 1-9 from the field. His only make was a three-pointer that came with about five minutes to play in the game.

DeShawn, who were you describing when you used the word "overrated"?

In case you don't remember, the Wizards have lost in the first round the past two seasons to the Cavs. Washington has also dropped nine of its last 11 to Cleveland during that time.

In last year's series, Stevenson made just 9-46 from the floor against Cleveland.

Now DeShawn, if you think your talking is going to fire up your team, you may be right. However, it's going to fire up arguably the best player in the world even more.

You just don't put down a superstar with words. He'll put you down on the court and embarrass you. That's what LeBron did to the Wizards in the first game of the series Saturday.

So keep talking, DeShawn, and your Wizards will never get by LeBron and the Cavs in the first round. Never.