Dream Matches: My Own Brand( Match 2 )

nikhil mehanContributor IMay 28, 2009

Hello folks and it is me, your favourite writer on your favourite website, BLEACHER REPORT!

Okay as you know that yesterday I wrote my first match but remember, I have changed my mind and you have got the end of the week to vote who you think should win. If you have not seen it yet don't worry because the full thing is down below here.

FIRST MATCH(fatal 4 way) Cruiseweight belt

Ricky Red vs The Lighter vs Daddy Dog vs Skipper(c)

Ricky Red

Ricky Red is the man who is the biggest legend out of them all, he debuted in the year of 1998. He got bought with his best friend Graveson and tag team partner The Lighter. He is a 1 time cruiseweight champion and 3 time tag team champion(3-The Lighter). He is the oldest out of them all at the age of 37. He is mostly known for wearing his red snake skin clothes which is how he got his name.

The Lighter

The lighter is the most innovative, extreme high flyer out of them all. He is also the youngest out of them all at the age of 24, plus he has got a good regime to go with that. He is a 3 time cruiseweight champion and is known for nearly ending the career and the title reign for the longest champion ever, The Kid! He debuted in the year of 1998. He was bought by John Terrence for the WWW wrestling promotion in 1998 with tag partner Ricky Red and friend Graveson. He is known for wearing yellow silk clothes with a yellow headband saying the lighter in red.

Daddy Dog

HAS TO BE THE TOUGHEST CRUISEWEIGHT EVER! He has basically done it all, won the cruiseweight belt 5 times, tag champ for 4 times(3-Mr.Cool 1-Mad Dog) and participated in the champions ball match 2006 and won 2007. He debuted in 2000 and is the second oldest at the age of 32. Now is he good or is he good.


The champ is here! What can't he do, he can be extreme, he can be a champ, he can be the only one to be inducted in the WWW Hall Of Fame out of the four, oh wait he has been inducted only out of the four! He is the second youngest out of the four at the age of 25. He also has won numerous belts including being a 1 time cruiseweight champion, the current cruiseweight champion, a 1 time tag champ and third place in the champions ball 2000. he debuted in 2000 but sadly in 2001 had a shoulder injury but he is back. So should he win!

Now todays match is a very special one because these two guys just absolutely hate each other, once friends in a faction called the generation turned enemies after a fatal incident.




You see Ramone had come back from a back injury at the hands of scarz. So when he returned he alligned himself with the champion Graveson. They became best of friends as the faction they were in (The Generation) held every belt but on the 2009 February PPV (The Big Gamble) Graveson had to defend his belt against Mike The Man. Unfortuantly Ramone came with a chair and accidently hit graveson with it so garveson lost his belt. Graveson got angry with this so for revenge he kicked him out of the generation. If that was not bad enough he booted ramone's father (uncle elmer) in the head. From then on they have hated each other since.


This ruthless chap from Liverpool, England has mostly conquered the heavyweight division. He is the longest running heavyweight champion ever at 3 years with defend the belt at exactly 900 defences. He is a 2 time heavyweight champion, a 1 time intercontinental champion and a 1 time tag champion.


Ramone is the biggest and best Italian wrestler to ever wrestle in the squared circle. He debuted in 1995 as the big cheese since he has a big family heritage. He is also been a movie star because he has starred in 2 movies that 1 became a flop and 1 that became the biggest hit of the year. He starred in Jumping Sam ( FLOP ) AND Danger Zone ( HIT ). He has been a 2 time tag champ, a 3 time intercontinental champ and a 1 time heavyweight champ.