Xavier Woods Will Thrive on the WWE Main Roster

Sebastian Maldonado@https://twitter.com/#!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistNovember 22, 2013

Xavier Woods makes his entrance to Raw for the first time in his career.
Xavier Woods makes his entrance to Raw for the first time in his career.Photo courtesy of wwe.com

Xavier Woods has officially arrived on the WWE’s main roster.

The 27-year-old wrestler was a mainstay on WWE’s NXT program. Woods’ eccentric personality also earned him a co-hosting gig on WWE’s YouTube show, “The JBL and Cole Show” with John Bradshaw Layfield and Michael Cole. Woods emerged as a funny personality, and it was only fitting his charisma earned him a WWE debut.

The November 18 edition of Monday Night Raw saw Xavier Woods team up with R-Truth against 3MB, the team of Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre. Woods won with his finishing maneuver, the “Lost in the Woods.” Woods’ finishing tactic involves driving his foot into his opponent’s face while landing on his back. He performed this move successfully on McIntyre for the three-count.

A debut is tough, especially with a track record like 3MB. Frankly, they lose to everyone on the roster. Their loss to Woods and Truth doesn’t make their win credible. However, it will benefit Woods in the long haul.

By aligning himself with R-Truth, Xavier Woods will thrive on the WWE main roster. In fact, it’s a perfect start.

It doesn’t make sense on paper, though. Truth portrays an eccentric character, while Woods is the calmer of the two. The WWE revealed that he’s going for his Ph.D at Furman University. That shows the type of character Woods is: diverse and multidimensional.

His diversity makes him unique, which is why Truth was paired with Woods the right way.

Woods can learn from Truth how to handle the pressures of the main roster. Truth, at age 41, knows he can also benefit. He was part of an effective tag team with Kofi Kingston before losing the tag team titles to Team Hell No.

Having the younger Woods can maybe rejuvenate Truth at this stage in his career. They might enhance an already loaded tag team division better than ever.

Woods shouldn’t stop there; he could make a run at the single midcard titles. Styles make fights, and Woods’ fast-paced style would clash perfectly with current United States champion Dean Ambrose and/or Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston.

Ambrose the technician and the powerhouse in Langston would instantly clash, with Woods providing exciting action for his charismatic character.

Xavier Woods will thrive in the WWE’s main roster. Give him time and opportunity; he won’t let us down.