Dallas Mavericks vs. New Orleans Hornets: Upset Waiting to Happen?

Taylor GramAnalyst IApril 19, 2008

This year's playoffs will be the best in NBA history, we all know that.

But who will be the best team, this year? Really, nobody knows, but what we do know is that there will be upsets.

And the one I'm picking...Mavs over Hornets (In case you didn't read the title.) 

This match up has everything, two GREAT point guards running the game who get 15 assists a game, make amazing plays, and dictate the game the whole way. They are two young household star, and one that refuses to retire. Now let's break the game down:

Point Guard-Jason Kidd vs. Chris Paul

This will be the most intriguing match up, and it happens at one of the most important positions on the floor.

This series may come down to point guard play. It will be Jason Kidd's experience, playmaker abilities, and defensive skills against Chris Paul's offensive talent, passing ability, and the choice of turning on and off whenever he feels.

Defense wins championships and so will the winner in the point position. 

Results- It’s a toss up. Whoever comes out on top will be because if their defensive awareness, stealing, and pressure.

Shooting Guard- Morris Peterson vs. Jason Terry

Morris Peterson isn't what you would call the best player on the team. He averages eight points a game, which, don’t get me wrong, is decent. But he doesn't even average one assist per game so he doesn't contribute to other teammates, and he is definitely NOT an outside threat.

On the other hand, Jason Terry is a good role player, and can carry some weight.  In Dallas he's a big fan favorite, and with his long range touch, and assists, he can turn the game around on a good day.

Results- Jason Terry over Morris Peterson easily; he's just too good for Peterson to handle.

Small Forward-Peja Stojakovic vs. Josh Howard

Peja averages about 16 points per game, but this is undermined when you look at Josh Howard's 20 points per game.

Peja averages four rebounds per game, while Howard gets almost 10 balls off the boards.  They both average a measly two and one assists per game, respectively, but Howard still has him by one.

The only attribute that would sway me for Peja is his 44% three point shot. He is deadly accurate and hard to stop around the arc.

Results- Three pointers can't come back on the whoopin’  Howard puts on Peja.

Power Forward-David West vs. Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk adds to the three point ability of Terry, but not the lack of rebounding of Dampier.

Dirk is more of a scoring threat, but can he shut down West himself? West averages a couple more valuable rebound, but Dirk scores about five points more.

West should be good enough to slow down Dirk, but how much? So many question so little time, well not really but that sounds better.

Result- The scoring machine Dirk EDGES, yes edges, our West some games, and West dominates others. Dirk's defense will definitely not help unless he can step up.

Center-Erick Dampier vs. Tyson Chandler-Do even need an argument?

Tyson Chandler gets five more points per game, four more rebounds, and .4 more blocks. With Tyson Dominating on the boards, it will be tough for Dallas to get an inside game going.

Results- Chandler, Chandler, Chandler! No chance for Dampier, because Paul is hooking up with Chandler for the most alley-oops in the league! Tyson will be unstoppable!

Bench- Jerry Stackhouse vs. Bonzi Wells

After the Jason Kidd trade, the Mavs bench sort of fluctuated the wrong way and they lost the depth they had built up . So a chance for the Hornets to catch up is when the Mavs backups are in.

Overall Results- Mavs and Hornets are going to battle up and down the court, no doubt, but after it's all over, I think it will be the Mavs in six.

The Mavs have more veterans, more bench players, and more impact players.

All I know is I'll be tuning in for the first game, and all the rest after that.


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