20 Questions I'll Never Get to Ask Minnesota Vikings' DT Pat Williams

JP FrederickCorrespondent IMay 28, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - SEPTEMBER 21:  Pat Williams #94 of the Minnesota Vikings looks on against the Carolina Panthers during their NFL game at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on September 21, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Panthers 20-10. (Photo by David Sherman/Getty Images)

Pat Williams' listed weight is 317 pounds and proof that you can't believe everything you read.

Williams is a defensive tackle for the Minnesota Vikings. His main job is to clog up blockers and running lanes, and he does that as well as anyone in football. The Vikings have led the NFL in rushing defense the past three seasons with Williams being a large reason.

Williams has been in the press lately as an outspoken critic of the NFL's drug policy because of his pending suspension, but he has always said what he thinks.

He's going to crush Aaron Rodgers, Olin Kreutz is nothing, he doesn't trust the NFL, and Tarvaris Jackson needs to work more are a sampling of the opinions Williams has given reporters.

Pat is a hell of a comedian, too; he must have been called Pat Albert at least fourteen hundred times.

(See, Pat Albert, it's like Fat Al.....yeah, it's terrible. Moving on.)

A funny, honest antagonizer who plays his position as well as anyone; what more could you want from an interview subject?


1) What will be the difference between last year's Vikings and this year's version? What will have to be different for the team to have success in the playoffs?


2) Do you agree with the fan and media chatter that the Vikings don't have a quarterback capable of leading a Super Bowl contender? And, if not, what has given you the impression the Vikings do have that quarterback?


3) If Adrian Peterson got mad, would he demolish Tokyo?


4) Who gets more attention from opposing offensive lines: Jared Allen, Kevin Williams, or Pat Williams?


5) What do you think of how Roger Goodell and the NFL have handled yours' and Kevin Williams pending suspension? (While he has answered this question, you never know what answer you'll get from Pat; you have to ask it again.)


6) When did you know you could play in the NFL, and when did you know you could play at a high level in the NFL?


7) What is it like when your job on the field prevents you from having impressive statistics? 


8) Who were/are your football heroes?


9) Which past defenses would you have liked to play for? The 2000 Ravens? 1991 Eagles? '85 Bears? The Steel Curtain? Those Purple People Eaters?


10) Which turnover hurts a defense more: a quick one that gives the defense no rest, or a turnover deep in the red zone when the offense should have gotten some points?


11) What injury--besides the ungodly ACL, MCL, or PCL tear--is the most devastating to a defensive tackle?


12) What interior offensive lineman give you the most trouble: Quick-feet, agile tanks, or the big, wholly mammoth buggers? And who are the best and most overrated interior offensive lineman in the NFL?


13) Who are the hardest quarterbacks to hunt: QBs that get the ball out of their hands quick or the scrambling crazylegs?


14) Which running backs are the hardest to tackle? The Brandon Jacobs type? The Brian Westbrook type? The Tomlinson type?


15) What is the perfect coach and who have been the best coaches you've played for? Conversely, the worst kind of coach and the worst coaches you've played for?


16) If you weren't a defensive tackle, what position would you like to play?


17) Have you given any thought to a broadcasting career once your playing days are over?


18) (Because anybody somewhat associated with the press is legally obligated to ask) Any thoughts about Brett Favre?


19) Seriously, 317? You could have at least tried.


20) Have you seen that creature on the back of Jared Allen's head? Looks like dyed sea-weed. What possesses a man to do that to his own hair? Is it some Samson thing, some psychological disease? Is it some elaborate bet that made him do it?