Talking the farm with Mack about trades...

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009
Then you start to hear the names of farm hands people are willing to give up, for the players they want. ( I mentioned Nick Johnson for Niese and Kunz).
Now, I fully admit that I'm not well versed on the Mets farm, I've always been strictly a fan of the big league team and only know the top prospects, that get the most attention.
Since there's so much trade buzz I decided to ask, Mack of Mack Mets to give a little insight into the farm. I respect Mack's opinion on the farm and found his answers, very interesting...
Is there a player, who no matter what the deal is, would be absolutely off limits in your eyes ? If so why ?

right now, I think there are only 4...

1. Fernando Martinez - the Mets would never get away with letting this kid go now... he's a Met... period.

2. SP Brad Holt - AA-Binghamton - everyone thinks they stole this kid last year... ceiling is SP1/2 stuff...

3. SS Wilmer Flores - A-Savannah - only 17... don't think you can legally trade a 17-year old, can you? Even if you can, this kid looks like a keeper

4. C Josh Thole - AA-Binghamton - as long as Omar is the GM, he vows to never leave this kid unprotected in the Rule V and have another Jesus Florez situation on his hand.

Other then the blockbuster deal most players in a trade are going to be a rental player, for a rental player who would be untouchable ?

yes... some of the high ceiling youngers... RP Roy Merritt.... SP Jeurys Familia... SP Jenry Mejia... the Mets have big expectations here..

the rest, IMO, including guys like even Daniel Murphy, are fair game.

the Mets system is thin at the higher levels, and loaded with talented kiddies... they also have a long history of using "prospects" to fill roster needs... (i.e. Castillo and Delgado)...that's how the Mets operate and I believe it's the correct way to... look at it this way... there are 9 minor league Mets teams with a minimum of 25 players each... that's 225 minor leauge players plus at at least 50 more in rehab or extended... and the Mets try to fill how many slots a year on their 25-man? 3? 4?

There's no reason not to deal a multiple amount of players that have no chance of ever making to Queens, to a small market team that can't operate with a huge salary... they dump a big salary and get 3-4 minimum pay kiddies... win-win

Is there a player in the minors who has trade value but you wouldn't expect to live up to the hype ?

Right now, a few are proving out to be having problems at their new upper level... Jon Niese is struggling in Buffalo and Mike Antonini is ditto in Binghamton. Others, like SP Dillon Gee and SP Dylan Owen might have reached their peak, though they could still have a decent future as an SP4/5 for a small
market team (i.e. Brian Bannister).

I did not like the Mets first two picks last year and I would gladly deal off either 1B Ike Davis or SS Reese Havens, while they still have hype on their side

One who has good trade value would be SP Tobi Stoner, who I feel will bust out...