Report: Heat on Ryback for Doing Bill Goldberg's Moves?

Sharon GlencrossContributor INovember 19, 2013

Ryback, has he gotten more heat from WWE?
Ryback, has he gotten more heat from WWE?from

Per a recent report, WWE Superstar Ryback may have garnered heat after doing Bill Goldberg's signature moves in matches.

There is clearly something going on between WWE management and the former Nexus member.  The star has been losing left and right in recent weeks. His business partnership with Paul Heyman has evaporated.

Ryback on Monday's Raw.
Ryback on Monday's Raw.from

A previous report from PWInsider, via WrestlingInc, claimed Ryback has garnered heat major heat from WWE in recent times over his (admittedly rather sloppy) in-ring work, tendency to work stiff as well as his bad attitude, with many in the company finding the wrestler difficult to deal with.

In today's F4W Daily Update, Bryan Alvarez notes the star has apparently added to his heat by doing the Jackhammer and Spear moves, made famous by WCW legend Bill Goldberg, without asking permission from the company first:

Regarding Ryback being in the doghouse which we talked about on last night's Wrestling Observer Radio, it appears to be a situation where he went out a week ago and did the spear and jackhammer, Goldberg's spots, and didn't get permission to do it first.

Ryback used the Jackhammer on Kofi Kingston on the October 30 edition of Main Event on Ion. Neither The Miz or Josh Mathews mentioned Goldberg here.

Presumably management didn't notice this and get Ryback into trouble (who watches Main Event these days, anyway?) because the wrestler busted out the move again on the November 8 SmackDown during his match against world heavyweight champion John Cena.

The move, and its Goldberg connotations, were acknowledged by Michael Cole and John Bradshaw Layfield on commentary this time, although they did sound somewhat flustered by it and certainly didn't act like it was playing into any storylines. Which makes one think it probably wasn't scripted. 

So, what do you guys think?

Should Ryback be praised for taking the initiative and attempting to get his much-speculated WrestleMania bout against Bill Goldberg off the ground?

Or, in the ultra-scripted world of WWE, should wrestlers know better than to do something on their own?