Sports Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistNovember 20, 2013

Sports Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

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    I don't know about you, but I love a good surprise.

    And while watching a sporting event is cool and all, it gets amped up a hell of a lot more once there's a play that catches everyone off-guard.

    See, I'm the type of guy who's still amazed at the fact that people can do things like ollie a skateboard or do a flip off the flats of their feet—but we all know those are nothing compared to some of the tricks that have been floating around the Internet recently.

    So even though I may not be able to do some serious tricks, here are a few that you may be able to pull off—though I wouldn't recommend trying them for fear that it ends poorly.

Honorable Mention: El Camino Real's Ball Trick

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    One of the finest trick plays any of us will ever see, I echo the dude close to the camera who says, "I can't believe that really worked."

    With El Camino Real quarterback Jahlil Pinkett motioning to the sideline and screaming, "Coach! Wrong ball," he froze the defense of opposing team Reseda Cleveland, taking off down the sideline for a huge touchdown run.

    It was like a real-life video game glitch.

Mike Legg's Trick Goal

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    I remember seeing this goal back when I was in fifth grade and on Spring Break—in Memphis, of all places—and I remain as impressed now, as I was then.

    Before this trick by former Michigan hockey player Mike Legg, most hockey goals were just, well, ordinary.

    The way he scooped up the puck after being trapped behind the goal was something that only a creative magician would have thought of—so I wonder if Legg will pull a rabbit out of his helmet next?

Blake Griffin's off the Wall Dunk

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    We've seen some serious dunks from Clippers forward Blake Griffin before, so maybe I shouldn't be so shocked to see this trick dunk from the former dunk contest winner.

    It's just that the crowd's reaction tells me that it's something special—so I just had to put it on this list.

Alex Ovechkin's Juggling Trick

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    Talk about the media getting it right!

    Back in 2009, this local Washington station captured video of the reigning NHL MVP practicing a couple of sick moves after practice.

    Little did anyone know then that these skills would help propel him to a Skills Competition title in the same year.

The Gaits Brothers' Hidden Ball Trick

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    We've seen the hidden-ball trick come out in baseball a number of times—most recently this past season—but having a team pull it off in a game of lacrosse is something that wasn't used much.

    That is, of course, before the legendary Gait bros tried it a few times in their time at Syracuse back in the late '80s.

    Thanks to their insane trick shots, rules had to be changed to even the playing field—talk about an impact on a sport!

Ronaldo vs. Zlatan

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    I could have just put the entire Joga Bonito series of ads that Nike put out in the early 2000s, because each commercial's purpose was to show how stylish the beautiful game can be.

    This one between Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still my favorite though, as it pins two great players against each other in a game of soccer's version of H-O-R-S-E.

    Who wins? Who knows?

    But it's cool to see them both try.

The Spinning Bat Trick

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    Josh Womack might be a 29-year-old, Minor League lifer—thus far—but he made a name for himself when he showed the Internet that he was pretty crafty with a baseball bat.

    Womack might not slap the ball all over the field and show great awareness in the box, but when he's just playing around, he seems to handle the bat just fine.

Dude Perfect's Fishing Pole Basketball Shot

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    Helping to promote a contest with the Harlem Globetrotters, Dude Perfect took their skills to the pond by fishing for baskets.

    And wouldn't you know it, these bros actually caught the toughest fish in there—burying a shot from distance with the ball attached to the rod.

    The Globetrotters were even impressed with that one.

Driscoll Middle School's Trick "Handoff"

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    I showed you the trick play that El Camino Real had earlier in this piece, but it'd be unfair not to mention the little guys at Driscoll Middle School here too.

    After watching this a number of times over the past few months since it went viral, I still can't believe at how composed a bunch of 12-year-olds stayed as they maneuvered this play.

    Let this serve as a reminder to always play till the ref's whistle is blown.

Keith Eloi's Jumping Trick

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    Former Washington Redskins receiver Keith Eloi's NFL career may have been short, but he has some serious staying power when it comes to being an Internet sensation—though I'm sure he'd much rather have the former than the latter.

    Either way, Eloi showed his serious hops—in sandals, no less—when he did a broad jump into the back of a pickup truck a few years ago.

    Amazingly, this might not have even been his finest trick.

    I'm still debating whether this is more impressive than the Houston Texans' J.J. Watt's leap from this past offseason or not.

Rene Higuita's Scorpion Save

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    Every time I see this save from former Colombian national team goalie Rene Higuita, I always wonder what the hell was going through his head.

    Stopping a shot in a soccer game is difficult enough.

    Doing it while throwing your body out and swinging your legs over your head is a hell of a lot tougher.

    Yet Higuita pulls it off by kicking away this shot during a friendly match with England.

    Had he missed, well, I'm sure he and his teammates wouldn't have had such big smiles on their faces.

Shea Weber's Trick Shot from Way Downtown

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    This is one of my favorites.

    Maybe it's the fact that my family's in Nashville, so I'm a closet Predators fan, or that, I don't know, Shea Weber's shot is nearly impossible?

    After the Preds captain flicks his shot from the second level, he actually doesn't think it has a chance of going in.

    Little did he know it had some serious English on it, taking enough of a left turn to kiss the post as it scooted over the line.

    Pretty amazing.

Phil Mickelson's Backwards Trick Shot

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    Hitting a golf ball forwards is difficult enough, but leave it to five-time Major champion Phil Mickelson to put all of us novice golfers to shame by hitting an over-the-head shot during a practice round of this year's British Open.

    This might not go down as one of "Lefty's" biggest shots ever, but he'd even have to admit that it's one of the coolest.

Connor Powers' Trick Baseball Shots

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    Currently playing in High A-level ball, I can't believe Connor Powers hasn't risen into the majors yet with this type of ability.

    Most trick shots involve a basketball or football, but Connor shows some love for the baseball lovers out there by doing some incredible stuff with the hardball.

    Who knows if he'll ever make it the the big leagues, but with an ability to put the ball seemingly anywhere he wants to, I hope it works out for him.

Jesus Ferguson's Fruit-Cutting Card Trick

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    This is just nuts to me.

    Serious talk for a second—could the cops arrest pro poker player Jesus Ferguson for having a concealed weapon each time he holds a pair of cards?

    Dude has some serious heat when he flicks them, cutting fruit as if it was nothing.

    I'm surprised that pretty little lady of his isn't wearing goggles and a bulletproof vest just to stay safe!

Tiger Woods' Golf Ball Juggling Trick

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    This was one of the first commercials I can remember where kids were amazed at a golf trick.

    It came during Tiger Woods' Nike ad here, where he's seen juggling a golf ball as if it were on a string—and many thought it was, believing it was fake.

    Lucky for all of us, it proved not to be.

    As great as Tiger is here, the trick has been moderately improved over the years.

This 9-Year-Old's Scoop and Shoot

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    This kid looks like a pro, doesn't he?

    Not only does he skate to the puck with the confidence of an NHL All-Star, but he knows that his little trick is going to absolutely freeze the goalie—which it obviously did.

    Doing it in a pee-wee game where no one's watching is one thing. But doing it during intermission of an NHL game takes balls—or in this kid's case, just a big stick.

Jarron Gilbert's Pool Leap

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    If you want to see a freak of nature, just watch former NFL defensive end Jarron Gilbert in this video of him leaping out of a pool as if there was no resistance at all.

    Not only does that take a hell of a lot of leg and hip power, but it takes some luck to not clip his feet on the edge of the pool deck and face plant in front of everyone.

    Gilbert may have failed at sacking opposing quarterbacks, but he looks like the ideal lifeguard if you ask me.

Dude Perfect's Football Tricks

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    I showed you their basketball skills earlier, now check them out on the gridiron.

    Over the past year or so, a couple bros who call themselves Dude Perfect have been posting a variety of trick shot videos online, helping gain a lot of attention and causing sports fans' jaws to drop a hell of a lot in that time.

    This one doesn't disappoint, as some of the tricks this guy does with a football make me seriously question why he's not starting for an NFL team with the way he places the ball wherever he wants to with ease.

The Most Amazing Pool Shot Ever

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    Is pool a sport?

    I'm not really sure, but I'd like to think it is.

    Whatever you want to decide, I'm guessing you'll be impressed with this trick shot that will seriously have you replaying this video at least three more times to try to comprehend all that just happened.

    Like, seriously, who thinks something like this up and then goes out and actually pulls it off?

Thunder Law's 109-Foot Shot

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    Yes, there have been plenty of amazing trick plays, shots and otherwise that I've listed here, but without a doubt, Harlem Globetrotters rookie Thunder Law's world-record shot is deservedly No. 1.

    As if you need an explanation why, here goes.

    Go to a basketball court and start routinely hitting half-court shots. After making three in a row, back up to the foul line that's behind you, making it a 79-foot shot.

    Bury at least two in a row from there, and back up to the baseline, making it a 94-foot shot.

    If you can make that, pat yourself on the back—just don't get cocky—because to even equal Law's incredible shot, you still have to back up 15 more feet.

    And chances are, if you're in just a regular high school gym, you won't even have enough space to try this heave.