Top Five Writers On B/R Boxing

ChristianCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

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The top five writers on bleacher report


Quite often in this craft of typing inspiration camp can come from the most obscure of places. I began writing rather late in life and one thing I like thus far is the sources of inspiration that always come from different places and people. I was reading stokers fantastic piece addressing the FMJ situation and out of nowhere it hit. I believe that while we are fantastic at discussing the pugilistic art I have noticed that we don’t discuss each other. We are all pretty good about being polite and giving props but we are also equally able to state the truth if need be. I have wondered in my head who the top five writers are in my view. It’s an interesting question when you think about it. Yes we have rankings on the home page and I am aware that there is a set of guidelines howeverI think the time has come to rank the writers in a descript and thoughtful way. The following is my opinion and as usual I should premise this with telling the dumb boxing fans of the world that you better make sure that you know what your talking about. It’s imperative because there is no mercy in my chat. Come correct


1.     1.Stoker

Is there any doubt?  It is hard to argue this boxing savants track record. There has been many times when I will surf to bleacher report with a boxing question in mind. Then I will scroll to the main page and stoker has already written an article on it. He does not leave you out of breath with his works and he manages to fit witty and clever word play while informing the reader at a pretty high pace. I have been lucky enough to have some decent chats and when’s toke weigh’s in usually that’s when the chat gets kickin. Enjoy him while he is with us fans he will be writing for higher online boxing power in the future

2.     2.Collin

I was looking at our top ten and I didn’t see Collin! I like to think that I am a person that analyzes things to a tee. Collin however takes this concept to a whole different level. The funny thing his writing may have passed me by if he had not commented on one of my works a couple months ago He wrote a highley detailed well-informed opinion that wowed me. For some reason he did not write for a while but when he did it was comprehensive. He at worst is one of the best pure boxing minds on the site. He does not mail it in. He ALWAYS brings heat and I would say that when he really gets going that he has the chance to become a great writer. Someone that could write about boxing on a  more expanded platform then our great website



3. Christopher fallvello

The most under rated writer on the website by far.  I often see these writers that write these fly by pieces of Sh@t that are one paragraph long and probably took 13 min to write. Not Chris. At least not what I saw recently. An astute well-spoken writer who always finds a way to ask the fans the tough questions. I think that when you consider his word composition, the economical pace of his works, and of course the steep boxing knowledge I can not believe this man is number ten. I would put him right in this pole position based on talent and merit.

4. King J

Don’t be mad at me king! You are this sites boxing reporter at the moment.  Your work on Many 2nd was exemplary.  King reminds me a lot of Boxing scenes Mark vester. He always is on the ball with what is streaming the boxing fans inner physce. Some may think this is low for such an involved boxing reporter but I think being in the top 5 in a community of over 700 writers is awesome. I foresee King J becoming boxing beat writer somewhere. He has the passion and the persistent attitude. He also has a very informed view of the sport. I had him in my chat awhile back and his opinion stuck out on the block. You could see what average fans had to say, and then you had king. A friend that loves boxing and keeps us all in the mental loop.

5. Paul Magno

 It is possible that Paul had been on this site for a while before I saw him. My first encounter with this excellent boxing writer was actually in one of my chats. Never mind that he is active in the sport of boxing, never mind that he is a licensed Judge. This is about his contribution thus far. Awesome. His Brian Kenny Piece made me laugh out loud on a train and wake up a baby in the process. High quality stuff. He also has the ability to be funny. A lot of posers on this site attempt to be funny and just end up looking dumb and attention seeking. Not him. He also though has the ability to ramp up the knowledge if you take a questionable stance as evidenced by the clever debate I had with him last week. I am happy to have him as one of our writers and I encourage you to check out what you have missed if you missed it.

5 questions I find myself asking when I get my bleacher report Fix

1. Who is MCM traynor? He has left like ten articles on my message board…I get out of breath just trying to catch up with his writing

2. Why in the world would you hop on a boxing page and write boxing is dying and is not as good as it once was. Even if there is a germ if truth in that statement you have to have social grace. Social grace among other things is having a filter between what floats in your brain and what comes out of your keyboard.. Did you hear that  ty? Think before you write for all our sakes

3.  I have a new enemy, his name is captain fat. I will mention that Captain fat is fat in every article for the rest of time.  I am going to make His royal Fatness the most famous writer on bleacher report.

4. Why can't we have a hot girl writer?

5. Man I love this site…..when are we going to begin covering fights as a group. You know since we are all spread out anyway why not cover the fights in our region and create a TRUE online boxing magazine? Just a thought


Miguel Cotton

 I thought about doing a piece on this however I figured that you guys would not mind a double whammy. During the course of my chat last week I became very angry with Miguel Cotton. I looked at his behavior after his win over Michael Jennings and I read how he was angling to fight a big name opponent on June 13th. Before we proceed let me remind you fans that the PR Parade in NYC is huge. I cannot think of a bigger annual parade in the United States of America. The ever clever Bob Arum saw this a couple years ago and began the tradition of  having Cotton fight in our around the date of this wonderful celebration of PRican culture. This translates into a massive draw for top rank, Arum,Cotton, and the fabulous Madison SQ garden. Over his career Cotton Viatality in the ring is a huge part of his intrigue. I will admit that but what he did this spring does not intrigue me in the least. Everything was set for a super fight. Cotton had remerged into the boxing fold by claiming a vacant welterweight strap; Shane Mosley had torched Margarito in LA a couple weeks earlier. There were some rumblings that even if margarito lost the rematch would still go on much the same way Zab Judah/FMJ lived on despite Judah’s lost to CB. Well that concept of pushing ahead with a fight anyway because of the potential PPV numbers (the first fight did very well and I might add it was a surprise) and the intense atmosphere that a pro Cotton MSG would create. Well the aforementioned went out the window when Mr. Margarito was caught with something similar to plaster of Paris in his gloves of which he had “no idea”. More importantly thought the CAS barred him from fighting in the state of cali and per silent boxing policy that is always  observed in all fifty states including PR (=   pooof! tony was gone . With tony out of the way a Shane Mosley mega fight seemed to stand on the horizon. Cotton did not win the first fight. He escaped. It was eerily similar to the margarito fight except Cotton’s man failed to catch up with him. Yes by saying “catch up with him” I am def implying that cotton was running for last half the fight. He realized that Shane while being smaller was not intimidated. JL said on the telecast “Shane Mosley is beaten but not vanquished” . Now look at those elements A fabulous date with a pretty much guaranteed sell out crowd, A rejuvenated Shane Mosley coming off with out question his water shed moment as a prize fighter  and is currently the number one welterweight in the world, you had the former number one welterweight in the world who with this win could erase the memory of AM and truly move on towards the prime of his career, you had HBO who had bought up the date almost a year in advance. You had all the elements for a mega rematch. Think how excited we all were leading up to May 2nd, it was amazing to see all the talk shows and main stream media discuss boxing. That is the type of fight this would have been. Instead Cotton because he is soft opted for the easiest of his options. Bob Arum tried to take the position that Shane is not a big draw. 2 things wrong with that statement

1. the live gate will be out of the wazzo based on the parade and the simple fact that SM was fantastic the last time America got a look at him

2. Cotton when he was the headliner on HBO in a doubleheader with AM brought in the lowest over night rating HBO had seen in years so how can he be in a position to talk about who draws and who does not

Cotton because he was out of excuses simply tried to minimize Shane and opted for JC. JC is no one to sneeze at don’t get me wrong but so many people kill FMJ for his “prispercasity” when it comes to selecting opponent. What in the f##k do you call that. He could have waited and fought Paul will, that would have been a HUGE promotion. No instead of that cotton is going to take on the least accomplished of his options and then is going to pursue a fight with the smallest of his options. Why does he not go after Mosley? I will tell you why because that presents danger, Cotton is oh so smart about putting himself in harms way. He really did not want to fight AM last summer but the boxing media and bob arum beat the drum so loud that he did not have a choice. After AM wrecked Kermit Citron he ran over to arum and said “GET ME COTTO”. After Cotton smashed an over matched Gomez He def did not run over to Arum and beg for the fight the way Tony did. Case and point. Cotton has made a career thus far out of fighting smaller out gunned men. He strays from fighting people that either have an iron heart like Mosley, or physical gifts like Paul will. I hate to say this but until he does something against an opponent that poses a distinct physical advantage I will see him as a man who hand picks his opponents while claiming to be a “terminator” of a fighter. Please…soft as cotton


Ok fans that’s all for now. I want to thank the great writers of bleacher report for giving me great subject matter to complete my evaluation. I am very much looking forward to June 13th and of course the big sha bang at the end of June in Germany. I hope my effort was worth it to you guys and I def am not here to make any writers feel like they are not good. This is just my opinion but I think its good to challenge ourselves once in a while. So long and hey captain fat…   see you next time….ya fatty (=