ECW: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Chris JeterContributor IMay 27, 2009

Last Night, ECW put forth a pretty solid show that possibly started a storyline feud and advanced a title feud heading into the Extreme Rules Pay-Per-View.

Here were my thoughts on the show:

The Good: 

The Hart Trilogy and Jack Swagger vs Christian and Tommy Dreamer

This match started out slow, but the pace picked up nicely to make this a solid main event.

And unlike RAW, this match was made because of the fact that Finlay got injured(kayfabe) and couldn't compete.

It's logical to see Swagger get the pin since he is in the ECW main event at Extreme Rules.


Vladimir Koslov squash

I put this here because I know what's going to happen with this guy down the line.

This was short and painless, but don't expect it to last long.


Mark Henry vs. Evan Bourne

This match could be the start of a decent feud since Bourne got the count-out victory.

Like the main event, this match started out slowly and really picked up later on.

Henry is a hoss but give him the right person to work with (i.e. Matt Hardy) and he can have some pretty good matches.


Opening Segment

The verbal exchange between Swagger and Christian was good, but that's been the norm for those two.

Dreamer throwing both Christian and Swagger out of the ring is a nice touch since he is also competing for the title at Extreme Rules.

The Bad: 


This was a pretty good show that I'm sure looked like a masterpiece compared to RAW this past Monday

The Ugly:

Tommy Dreamer dancing

Hey, I like Tommy. I know He's excited to be in his first PPV match since July 2008 (I don't count the Royal Rumble match).

But that was atrocious; I hope he also realizes that it's been a while since he pinned someone not named Colin Delaney.

So soak it in Tommy, but don't go overboard.