Twenty Questions with Atlanta Falcons' Roddy White

Wesley GriffithCorrespondent IMay 27, 2009

ATLANTA - DECEMBER 28:  Wide receiver Roddy White #84 of the Atlanta Falcons celebrates on the sidelines after defeating the St. Louis Rams at Georgia Dome on December 28, 2008 in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Falcons defeated the Rams 31-27.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

After setting the Falcons' single-season record for receiving yards last year, what can you do to improve in 2009?

If you and Matt Ryan could play like any Quarterback-Wide Receiver combination in NFL history, who would you want to emulate?

What is your favorite route to run and why?

Other than the Georgia Dome, where is your favorite place to play in the NFL?

Which cornerback plays you the toughest?

How different are passes from left-handed (i.e. Michael Vick) and right-handed (i.e. Matt Ryan) quarterbacks?  Do you have a preference?

What are your career goals in the NFL?  Are there any records you would like to set?

You ran a 4.45 second 40-yard dash at the combine, who is the fastest man on the Falcons' roster? 

A lot of people in Atlanta have nothing but bad things to say about former coach Bobby Petrino; but you say he helped you "jump start" your career, how?

What changed for you?  I read that you said you "didn't do anything right" when you came into the league; why do it right now?

What role did Joe Horn play in your development as a player?

Your son just turned three this month; what is it like being a father?

Has having a child changed the way you approach football?

I know you took your younger brother Tyrone and cousin Ali in when things weren't so good at home; do they still live with you?

How has being responsible for the two of them changed you?

How are they both doing now?  Has Ali graduated?

I've read that you made a big change to your lifestyle and gave up late-night McDonalds; are you still staying away from the fast food?

If you could give one piece of advice to rookie wide receivers coming in to the NFL, what would it be?

Chris Berman calls you "Rowdy" Roddy White; the rumor is that your high school friends called you "Shanaz"; do you have a favorite nickname?

Lastly, what do you think the next step is for your former quarterback Michael Vick?  Do you want him back on the Falcons?