Things Fans Pay Stupid Amounts of Money For

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 13, 2013

Things Fans Pay Stupid Amounts of Money For

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    Sports fans can be more than a little intense at times. At least that should be the case if they're doing it right. After all, the word fan is short for fanatic, which is defined as a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal.

    A person like that isn't always going to be completely sensible, or even rational, when it comes to supporting their favorite team and/or athletes. Particularly when it comes to how they spend their money.

    Here are 15 things fans pay stupid amounts of money for. 

Vintage Memorabilia

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    Fans will pay a lot of money for various types of vintage sports memorabilia. Obviously people have the right to spend their money on whatever they want, but some of it's kind of crazy. 

    This ticket and program from Super Bowl IIII are currently for sale on eBay; they're asking about $600. Which is just $585 more than it cost to actually attend the game back in 1970.


Stadium Food and Drink

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    So who's getting ripped off and who's getting their money's worth? Well…Red Sox fans aren't getting much for their money inside Fenway Park—but at least they have three recent World Series wins! 

    A lot more than can be said about the Mets, whose fans get the least for their money on and off the field. Yankees fans can get the same thing as Mets fans plus another beer for 25 cents less. 

    Fans of the Diamondbacks and the Reds easily get the most bang for their buck. Arizona and Cincinnati are the only two ballparks in the country in which $20 will buy you three 14 oz. beers and five freaking hotdogs. FIVE! 

    Click here to view CNN's cost per ballpark.


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    We all know that going to a sporting event live is usually a costly event. That's why it's less of a regular event and more of a special occasion for most of us. 

    But just how expensive can it get? Well, I decided to look up Lakers tickets on StubHub to get an idea. And apparently it can get extremely expensive. 

    Though, I'm thinking $110,000 tickets are not the national average for the NBA. 

Fan Gear

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    One of the biggest expenses for your average fan is fan gear. It's the best way to say "RED SOX RULE, YANKEES SUCK" without ever having to say a word. 

    Then again, if I ever meet a Boston fan that doesn't choose to say a word…actually, it doesn't matter. That will literally never happen. 

    Anyway…props to anyone who shells out over $500 for a goofy jacket like that. Sometimes it costs a lot of money to look that stupid. 

Sports Fantasy Camp

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    There are a lot of different professional sports teams and individual athletes that hold their own annual/semiannual fantasy camps for fans. They run the gamut in price, but really any one of them will set you back a pretty penny.

    Wanna spend a few hours over a couple of days playing hockey with Wayne Gretzky? Hope you've got $12K squirreled away somewhere. He is The Great One, after all. If that's too rich, you should look for a camp run by The Mediocre One. 

Man Caves

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    Man Caves have been a thing for awhile now. Can't say that I've ever really understood the whole thing though—why relegate to the basement or garage what you'd rather see in the living room. 

    That being said, some people really take man caves to a whole new level, sparing no expense in the process. The televisions and chairs alone in that room will probably set you back at least $10K.

Personal Seat Licenses

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    Post Gazette

    A personal seat license (PSL) is a fee that many teams charge fans for the right to buy season tickets. That's a fee on top of the cost of the actual tickets. 

    It's most common in the NFL, with over a dozen teams charging for PSLs. The cost of a PSL skyrocketed over the last decade. 

    The fees went from marginal in 2001 to monstrous in 2011. And something tells me that trend hasn't been reversed in the last two years.


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    Lots of fans collect autographs because it makes them feel like they have a little connection to their favorite athletes. Some autographs are downright reasonable in price, while others are just ridiculous.

    What's interesting though, is that the vast majority of these things have no certificate of authentication. And there's really no way to prove it otherwise. There's also no way to tell what percentage of the total supply is phony.

    Which is why if you want an autograph…you should try to get it yourself.

A Day at the Stadium

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    CNN via team marketing reports

    This one is pretty self-explanatory. For fans of most of the NFL teams worth seeing in a given year, attending a game in person is a substantial financial commitment. 

    Keep in mind that these numbers only take into account one beer per person (and no food) for an entire day. Seriously—one beer? 

    Last time I went to a Steelers game, me and my dad finished two Yuenglings each before we even found our seats. 

Cable and Satellite

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    SNL Kagan

    If you can't get to the game, you're gonna be home watching on cable or satellite. Well…I'll be watching on cable at my home and you'll be watching on satellite at your home. 

    You'll also probably be texting me every 20 minutes to tell me what an idiot I am for not having DirecTV. Listen though…they're both expensive and I don't like change. 

Superfan Furnishings

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    Wanna outfit your crib with custom furniture pieces with your team's logo? Hopefully you've been saving your pennies…in addition to thousands of dollars. 

    • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Big Daddy Leather Recliner: $799.00  
    • Imperial NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Classic Black Leather Sofa: $1,159.99
    • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Foosball Table: $259.99
    • NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Game Time Chair and Ottoman: $699.00
    • Pittsburgh Steelers Memory Company Team Mission Lamp: $110.00
    • Total Cost: $3,027.98

    And I didn't even have room to include the beanbag chair, coffee table and custom Heinz Field turf area rug. All of which are essentials. 


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    People love bobbleheads, for whatever reason. It's strange that a moving head is the only thing that separates useless figurines from in-demand collectibles people are willing to riot over. 

    Mickey Mantle and Cal Ripken Jr. are definitely on the high end of bobblehead pricing, but they're not too far outside the average for players of their stature. 

    Bobbleheads of most active players are far cheaper. 

Baseball Cards

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    There was awhile when collecting cards for any (and every!) sport you liked was all the rage. I have massive NHL and MLB card collections from the late '80s to mid-'90s.

    And I'm pretty sure they're not worth the paper they're printed on. 

    The whole trading card thing was boom and bust, but there are still plenty of fans paying plenty of money for real collector classics. 

    The 1995 rookie card of Pirates great Roberto Clemente sold for $432,690 and the 1909 card of Honus Wagner, another Pirates great, sold for $2.8 million. 

Thuzio Experiences

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    Thuzio is the brainchild of former NFL running back Tiki Barber. It allows fans and other interested parties to create and purchase different "experiences" with one of the many athletes selling their services to strangers online. 

    Some of the lesser known athletes are actually downright affordable, but others are completely unreasonable. Seriously—Gary Payton will come to your event for (up to) 60 minutes for $12,500…but if you want an autograph, that's gonna cost extra. 

Custom Superfan Vehicles

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    A lot of fans go the extra mile by turning their vehicles into rolling tributes to the team they love most. Aside from a house, a car is usually the most expensive thing most people own.

    Which is why it's a pretty serious—not to mention seriously costly—endeavor to turn it into a VW-elephant hybrid. Do you think that person intended to make it look like an elephant was humping his car?

    Check out this gallery of superfan cars on BustedCoverage.