The Most Extreme Ways to Play Golf

Phil Oscarson@philoscarsonContributor IIINovember 12, 2013

The Most Extreme Ways to Play Golf

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    As one of the world’s oldest sports, golf has become a staple of our modern society, played across the globe.

    But with the sport being as old as it is, it is only natural that some variations might develop over the years. And when a sport is as fun to play as golf is, you can understand why some people are so determined not to let anything get in the way of them and their course.

    If you are seeking some adventure, here are some of the most extreme places to play golf.

On a Boat

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    Tommy Murray

    Ok, so this picture is clearly photoshopped, but how cool would it be to play a round on an aircraft carrier? While that may not be a possibility yet, there are many cruises that offer putting greens and golf simulators on their ships, as well as the obligatory mini golf, of course.

On a Cliff's Edge

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    There is no denying it, Half Moon Bay, in California, is one of the most stunning and scenic golf courses in the world. But it is also terrifying. As you can see from the picture, any golf that you play here will literally be on a cliff edge, and in fact, a man sustained major injuries just this year, after he fell the hundred-foot drop from the edge of this course.

On the Top of a Skyscraper

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    If a 100-foot cliff sounds terrifying, how about on the helipad of one of the tallest hotels in the world? It has been converted into a tennis court many times, but in 2011, it became a temporary golf course, enjoyed by Rory McIlroy (pictured), complete with a hole and a bunker. Extreme indeed.

In the Snow

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    Believe it or not, snow golf is a real sport. And this is the coldest course in the world, Uummannaq Golf Course in Greenland. It is so cold and snow-covered, that orange balls have to be used, and graphite clubs cannot be, as they will snap in the cold weather.

At the Bottom of the Ocean

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    Believe it or not, underwater golf is real and it’s intense. To take part in this competition, you have to be a qualified open water diver and with good reason!

By a Volcano

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    At this golf course in Indonesia, the Merapi Golf Club, you will play golf in the shadow of an active volcano. It is a scenic course, but you might have to put up with the occasional volcanic eruption, as it has erupted as recently as 2010 and three times in the last two decades. So maybe it’s not the best place to relax and play a round.

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