UFC 167: GSP Set to Break Multiple Records with Win over Johny Hendricks

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UFC 167: GSP Set to Break Multiple Records with Win over Johny Hendricks

Georges St-Pierre is pretty good, guys and gals. 

Already the owner of the longest title reign in UFC welterweight history, GSP can snag several other honorable distinctions with a victory over title challenger Johny Hendricks Saturday evening at UFC 167

A win in the night's main event would give GSP 19 victories in his UFC career, breaking his current tie with former 170-pound champion Matt Hughes for the most ever. 

Beyond those two welterweight legends, esteemed fighters Anderson Silva, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture sit at 16 UFC victories, while slightly-less-esteemed-but-still-pretty-esteemed mixed martial artists Tito Ortiz and Jon Fitch rest on a comfy 15 wins inside the Octagon. 

GSP's record-smashing potential does not end here, however.

The Canadian superstar is currently locked in a tie with Silva for most title-bout victories at 11. A 12th triumph in championship action would separate GSP from "The Spider" and plant the Canadian flag atop that particular mountain. 

But wait! There's more. 

If GSP defeats Hendricks Saturday evening, it probably won't happen in under 40 seconds, right? 

Well, check this out: 

Most total fight time in UFC history
Fighter Time
BJ Penn 5:03:51
Georges St-Pierre 5:03:12
Tito Ortiz 5:01:53
Randy Couture 4:40:06
Frankie Edgar 4:31:11


A third record awaits GSP in victory lane, and this one is particularly interesting because two of the next four closest fighters are retired, ensuring that they will not tack any additional time to their current marks. 

BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar, the next closest threats, will fight each other for a third time after a coaching stint on Season 19 of The Ultimate Fighter. Their first two fights—both title fights—went the full 25 minutes, so it is entirely possible that Penn could re-take the crown in short order.  

Still, with several records on the line, another GSP win represents much more than just another title defense. 

As one of the most decorated fighters in UFC history, GSP's mantle of successes will look just a little bit fuller should he take home the victory and pencil his name into the record books a few more times Saturday at UFC 167. 

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