This Is What Sports Fans Looked Like in the '90s

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterNovember 12, 2013

This Is What Sports Fans Looked Like in the '90s

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    Big pants with far more pockets than any person would realistically need. Bowl cuts and bangs. Gaudy sportswear and boys who could grow mustaches in the 8th grade. 

    The dynasty-driven NFL and NBA era gave way to "parity," as the newly restructured leagues gave new life to bad teams and all-time greats retired from the game.

    It was the '90s, and upon further review, it didn't look as good as we thought it did, but standing between the decades that came before and after it, the crowing is understandable.

    Few images capture the style and attitude of the decade that gave us Internet-based fantasy sports, more faithfully than sports fans from the '90s.

    Here's 50 pics of sports fans who are totally '90s. 


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    Date: June 30, 1990

    Event: Unknown...probably soccer. 

    This photo was labeled "Irish Fans With Whistles" in the Getty library. I probably would've labeled this one "Irish Fans With Lots of Bows," but whatever. 

    Also, I totally used to rock the horrible '90s swoop on the far left. 


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    Date: September 23, 1990

    Event: (Los Angeles) Rams vs. Eagles 

    Look at that awesome weirdo in the awesome hat! How is it possible that Los Angeles hasn't been able to support an NFL franchise?


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    Date: Exact Date Unknown 

    Event: Milwaukee Brewers Game

    The exact date of this Brewers game is unknown, but one thing we know for sure is acid wash jean jackets with really skinny wrist holes were a terrible idea. 


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    Date: August 26, 1990

    Event: Oakland Raiders Game 

    There is no better way to represent the Raiders silver than with a grey tank top and a frosty can of the Silver Bullet...while sitting on a really dirty couch in the parking lot. 


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    Date: Exact Date Unknown 

    Event: Unknown

    I have no idea what's up with this "Ferrari Supporter" and neither does Getty Images, but I guess we both figured this was a photo worth sharing. You're welcome.


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    Date: Exact Date Unknown

    Event: Oakland Raiders Game

    Nothing too out of the ordinary here—not much changes in Oakland. The only thing that really gives away the year is the lame SNL "Pumping Up with Hans & Franz" reference on the sign.


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    Date: Exact Date Unknown 

    Event: Oakland A's Game 

    Full body paint dudes have been around forever, apparently. I definitely prefer the look with the sunglasses; the weird yellow paint around the eyes is oddly unsettling.


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    Date: Exact Date Unknown 

    Event: Los Angeles Rams Game 

    Before the Rams moved to St. Louis, their devoted group of superman Melonheads were about the only fans the team could count on to actually show up to their home games. 


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    Date: July 1992

    Event: United States National Basketball Team, Barcelona Olympics 

    Fanny packs? Check! Patriot super fan gear? Check, check! Miniature American flags? Check, check, check! Those remain on the "what to pack" list of every American traveling abroad to this day. 


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    Date: November 20, 1993

    Event: West Virginia vs. Miami 

    The Mountaineers defeated No. 3 ranked Miami on this day, in a season which was undefeated until their loss to Florida in the Sugar Bowl. 

    Also, it's been two decades since then and WVU fans look exactly the same. 


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    Date: June 24, 1993

    Event: Unknown 

    The game may be unknown, but the scene sure has become a familiar one in MLB.The only difference is that today the security guy would have a taser and, ideally, nobody would be wearing knee-length jean shorts.


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    Date: January 31, 1993

    Event: Cowboys vs. Bills, Super Bowl XXVII

    These Bills fans were so excited about the opportunity to lose to the Cowboys that they shot a Buffalo and brought its head with them to the game. 

    I bet they were less excited about carrying that thing around after the game. 


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    Date: January 31, 1993

    Event: Bills vs. Cowboys, Super Bowl XXVII

    I imagine there's a story behind why these women are dressed like that, but I have absolutely no clue what it is.

    Fun fact: O.J. Simpson did the coin toss at the Super Bowl that year; just 18 months before his…uh…legal troubles began.


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    Date: September 11, 1993

    Event: Florida State vs. Clemson

    FSU defeated ACC rival Clemson 57-0 nothing on this day, really giving these shirtless bros something to cheer about.

    Some things never change, I guess. 


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    Date: January 17, 1993

    Event: Cowboys vs. 49ers, NFC Championship 

    My first thought was to laugh at these dudes because the Cowboys recently lost to the Saints by a million points, but then I remembered they did win three Super Bowls back then.

    So instead I laughed about how Miley Cyrus forever ruined the foam finger.


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    Date: June 24, 1994

    Event: USA vs. Romania 

    Apparently the 1994 U.S. men's soccer squad is what put the sport on the map. The fact that they were bumped out in the Round of 16 should give you a clue about where it was before that. 

    Say what you will about soccer, but there's no denying it attracts a lot of good looking ladies.


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    Date: December 24, 1994

    Event: Steelers vs. Chargers

    Christmas came early for these San Diego fans, as the home team narrowly defeated the Steelers, who finished an impressive 12-4 that season.

    Also, I'm loving the lady in the Harvard sweatshirt! Never been a big fan of the Chargers colors. 


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    Date: August 11, 1994

    Event: Mariners vs. A's 

    Look at all those sad faces pleading with MLB and the players not to strike. Apparently they weren't too convincing, as the season ended the very next day.


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    Date: June 22, 1994

    Event: USA vs. Colombia

    This American soccer fan is rocking some classic crispy early '90s hair, complete with a not-so-great dye job and overly teased bangs. 


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    Date: January 23, 1994

    Event: Bills vs. Chiefs, AFC Championship

    Wow. All I have to say about this is that if the Bills ever get back into the playoffs, I'm definitely going to a game. Hot tubs, cigars, authoritative mustaches and Coors Light—sounds like a thin slice of dirty heaven.


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    Date: January 1, 1994

    Event: Nebraska vs. Florida State, Orange Bowl 

    On one hand, it's kind of lame that Nebraska's No. 1 fan went to the Orange Bowl with (what looks to be) his mom. On the other hand, at least she was there to hug him when they lost.


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    Date: December 31, 1995

    Event: Packers vs. Falcons 

    I cropped this photo so we could play a guessing game. Anyone care to venture a guess as to where this game was played?

    If you said Atlanta, you lose. And you should probably travel more. 


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    Date: November 7, 1995

    Event: Cowboys vs. Chargers 

    I generally appreciate face painters as the entertaining clowns of the NFL. They're the only clowns I don't find completely horrifying.


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    Date: August 12, 1995

    Event: Oakland Raiders Game 

    Business as usual in Raider Nation.


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    Date: October 28, 1995

    Event: Boston College vs. Notre Dame 

    For some reason it's always a big deal for a team to play Notre Dame, which is why these BC fans went the extra mile to prepare for the big game. 

    Something tells me the BC was shaved off his head in a drunken rage later that night, after the Irish beat them 20-10.


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    Date: January 15, 1995

    Event: 49ers vs. Cowboys, NFC Championship 

    There was a stretch (of at least three years) in the '90s when the Niners and Cowboys had an annual date in the NFC Championship.

    It seems that fan rage toward the other team grew exponentially each year, along with that dude's mullet. 


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    Date: November 19, 1995

    Event: Browns vs. Packers 

    This Browns fan is obviously rankled about the franchise's impending move to Baltimore. That's in addition to being a '90s vision in brown and orange.


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    Date: January 29, 1995

    Event: 49ers vs. Chargers, Super Bowl XXXIX

    This photo is great because you can actually see Chargers fans in the background staring and taking photos of these guys. But I'm really not sure what's going on here.


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    Date: December 3, 1995

    Event: Packers vs. Bengals 

    Green Bay is one of the only cities in the world that has a shirtless season for fat dudes. The season started on the day the city was founded and will end approximately never.


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    Date: December 29, 1996

    Event: Steelers vs. Colts 

    As a Pittsburgh native, I'd like to say the era of the big crispy perm ended a long time ago like it did for the rest of the world. Unfortunately I cannot.

    That lady could've been my mom or any of my aunts last Sunday.


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    Date: October 22, 1996

    Event: Braves vs. Yankees, World Series Game 3

    Timely reference there, Braves fans. Rocking the Conehead look three years after the dumb SNL sketch from the '70s was turned into a dumb movie from the '90s.


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    Date: December 22, 1996

    Event: Redskins vs. Cowboys 

    I moved to the D.C. area about five years ago and have never really understood the hype behind the Redskins-Cowboys rivalry. People here all seem pretty "meh" about the whole thing.

    This photo tells me that genuine hostilities do actually exist. Apparently I've just been hanging out with a pretty boring crowd.


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    Date January 28, 1996

    Event: Steelers vs. Cowboys, Super Bowl XXX

    Hopefully these Steelers fans got good and loaded before the game, which would've taken the edge off the stern kick to the crotch that dreadful loss to the Cowboys was.


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    Date: April 21, 1996

    Event: Goody's Headache Powder 500

    Two things: 1. NASCAR fans have never and will never change. 2. What the hell is Goody's Headache Powder?!


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    Date: July 30, 1996

    Event: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp 

    This Buccaneers fan is definitely taking the swashbuckler thing too far. It's tough to pull off a bare hairy chest and a giant orange feather in your giant orange cowboy hat.

    How about that majestic video camera though? That thing probably set him back $1,000.


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    Date: February 14, 1997

    Event: Daytona 500

    It looks like this NASCAR fan really wanted to watch the Daytona 500 from his living room. So he did what any one of us would do; he packed it up and took it with him.

    Seriously though—did he need to bring the lamps too?


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    Date: January 5, 1997

    Event: Cowboys vs. Panthers, NFC divisional playoffs

    The fact that those four people aren't Michael Irvin fans is…like the least surprising thing that has ever happened.

    I'm sure they've all had a good laugh at the expense of everyone who's ever been to prison, at some point or another.


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    Date: June 5, 1997

    Event: Flyers vs. Red Wings, Stanley Cup Finals 

    That Red Wings fan was more than a little presumptuous dressing as the Stanley Cup for Game 3 against the Flyers.

    But good on her if she wore it to Game 4, since they swept Philadelphia, to the delight of the hometown crowd in Detroit.


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    Date: August 31, 1997

    Event: (Tennessee) Oilers vs. Raiders 

    This was the very first regular season game the Oilers played in Tennessee after relocating from Houston. This dude can definitely brag about being all in on this team from Day 1.

    Although, I'm guessing he doesn't brag about that outfit. A t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, suspenders and a gold chain...hopefully that was just a phase. 


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    Date: November 22, 1997

    Event: Mississippi State vs. Arkansas 

    That sassy old broad might be the surliest football fan I've ever seen attending a game in person, particularly considering the Razorbacks won the game.

    She was the original McKayla Maroney, in that she is most definitely not impressed.


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    Date: December 6, 1998

    Event: Jaguars vs. Lions

    It's been 15 years since this Jags fan celebrated 37-22 victory over the Lions. Today he (or she?) would probably be wearing a bag over his (or her?) head. 

    Looks more like Cheetara than a jaguar if you ask me. 


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    Date: September 19, 1998

    Event: Florida vs. Tennessee 

    The year after losing Peyton Manning to the NFL, Tennessee knocked off No. 2 Florida en route to an undefeated season.

    Also...what's with the sleeveless turtleneck?


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    Date: July 17, 1998

    Event: Davis Cup 

    This is one look that never goes out of style. Replace those stupid fishing hats with Steelers and South Carolina ball caps and you've got my last 4th of July party—and every one before that. 


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    Date: March 4, 1998

    Event: Angels vs. Mariners 

    I'm pretty sure that retired pitcher Randy Johnson was born with a mullet and an impressively dirty looking mustache. Seriously can't imagine him without either, particularly the mullet.


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    Date: July 25, 1998

    Event: Seattle Seahawks Training Camp

    Kudos to that Seahawks fan for his commitment to loving football, despite Seattle averaging seven wins a season between 1993 and 1998. Granted, it was a marked improvement from most seasons prior.


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    Date: March 27, 1999

    Event: Unknown 

    The Getty library labeled these two lovely ladies as "Fans," nothing more. This list has been a total sausage party, so I assumed they'd be a welcome change. 


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    Date: January 31, 1999

    Event: Super Bowl XXXIII

    The late, great Broncos Barrel Man is proof that going shirtless with a barrel held up by suspenders and a cowboy hat is as timeless a look as the little black dress. 


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    Date: June 12, 1999

    Event: Detroit Shock vs. Minnesota Lynx 

    A few jorts-wearing tweens heading into their respective awkward stages take in a WNBA game together. The fact that these kids are around 27 years old right now makes me feel very old. 


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    Date: October 11, 1999

    Event: Miami Heat vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv 

    Hey look! Apparently Heat fans existed long before Dwyane Wade and LeBron James came to town. This is the first visual confirmation I've seen. 


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    Date: October 10, 1999

    Event: Cowboys vs. Eagles 

    Fans in Philadelphia were treated to the sties and sounds of these Cowboys fans on a drizzly day back in 1999. They got the last laugh though, as the Eagles won. 


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