Philip Rivers, You're Up: 20 Questions For The Chargers QB

Michael Scarr@@scarrpmContributor IMay 26, 2009

Philip Rivers has grown into the face of the San Diego Chargers' franchise during his three years as the starting quarterback.

The 27-year-old has been at the helm of a team that has won three straight AFC West titles, but has failed to reach the Super Bowl despite an impressive array of talent. An 8-8 finish last season and an improved division, notwithstanding, Rivers and company are gunning for a fourth straight AFC West crown.

Bleacher Report is looking for answers and thoughts on these issues and more from the talented signal-caller. Here are a few questions for Philip Rivers:


BR: The Chargers have been known for exciting and explosive offenses throughout the history of the franchise, where do you feel you stand among Chargers' quarterbacks?


BR: Your hero, Brett Favre, was known to force passes into coverage at times. Is there any pass that you think you cannot complete?

BR: What have you learned since becoming the starting quarterback in 2006?

BR: Norm Chow has received credit for mentoring USC quarterbacks Matt Leinart and Carson Palmer, and BYU's QBs Robbie Bosco, Steve Young and Ty Detmer. You had him for a year at NC State, what did you learn from Chow?

BR: Your throwing motion is a bit different. How did that develop?

BR: When you look at game film, what is the one thing about your performance that sticks out that you would like to improve?

BR: You led the league in passer rating and tied with Drew Brees for the most touchdown passes in 2008. Is that an indication of your growth as a professional, the offensive system, or a combination of the above factors?

BR: You've had two head coaches in the NFL, Marty Schottenheimer and Norv Turner. Schottenheimer was a defensive-minded coach while Turner is an offensive guy. How would you compare the two coaching styles and philosophies?

BR: It was perceived as LT's team when you arrived, but is now seen as your team. Is that a natural process since you're the quarterback or a reflection of the changing nature of the team itself?

BR: There was a time when it seemed that you and LT were not on the same page on the field. Was that accurate and how has your working relationship grown over the last four years?

BR: You've got one of the best assemblies of talent on offense. How does that affect your decision making? Are you worried about distributing the ball evenly?

BR: Last season, with an 8-8 mark, could be viewed as a disappointment. However, your team pulled out the division title and won a playoff game. What led to the 4-8 start and what turned it around?

BR: What's missing from this team that would prevent it from going all the way to the Super Bowl?

BR: The Chargers reached the red zone sixty five times last season, tied for the league high, but scored touchdowns in fifty seven percent of those chances. The Colts scored touchdowns in sixty eight percent of their chances. How can you improve the ratio of touchdowns to field goals?

BR: Which player needs to get more repititions on offense? How would you like to see him utilized?

BR: How important is Shawne Merriman to this team?

BR: How do you respond to questions about your on-field attitude? Some have perceived your style as arrogant and a bit in-your face. Are those misconceptions or on target?

BR: Jay Cutler is out of the division now that he's landed in Chicago. How much truth was there to a feud between you two and will you miss seeing him twice a year?

BR: How much pressure do you, as the QB, put on yourself to win games?

BR: If you could throw to one guy, who would it be?


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