Patriots Land Two Historic Top-Ten Picks: Raiders Acquainted with an Old Friend

Tim CroleySenior Analyst IApril 18, 2008

If the sports world has ever been in an upheaval before, now’s that time!

In breaking news this morning from Boston, the New England Patriots are now in a position to make history by acquiring two first round draft choices, both in the top 10!

Troy’s Leodis McKelvin has been on the Patriots’ radar for weeks as the loss of cornerback Asante Samuel has produced concern for New England. He’s a sure seventh pick, considering that all the teams ahead of New England are focusing on other positions.

Another major concern, perhaps more threatening to the team's continued success, is at the linebacker position.

Some draft experts have been estimating that Ohio State's Vernon Gholston will be long gone before the Pats next selection (round two, pick 31, overall No. 62), leaving New England with no other choice than introduce “Plan B,” which is the selection of USC linebacker Keith Rivers, a good choice, but no Gholston.

This appeared to be New England’s strategy until “Plan C” was launched. Yes, Plan C!

“Plan C” was instigated by none other than the mastermind himself, Bill Belichick.

Belichick is a genius when it comes to most everything football related. So it is no surprise that he has now sent the best WR in football back to the one place no one would have ever dreamed he would go: Oakland.

It’s now official, as Al Davis confirmed this morning, “We still have a few slight concerns with [JaMarcus] Russell. But with Moss back we might have the one of the best quarterback/wide receiver combos in the league.” 

This all makes sense considering Oakland has just recently filled key positions on both sides of the ball by signing center John Wade, defensive end Kalimba Edwards, and cornerback DeAngelo Hall.  

Where else would they have looked on draft day? Perhaps Oakland might consider the running back position with Darren McFadden or the aforementioned Gholston, the projected rookie of the year by some sources.

Upon being questioned about losing the possible selection of McFadden or Gholston, Davis responded by saying, “Who needs ‘em. We got a great young quarterback. We got Randy back. We got the Raiders back!”

Randy Moss is back to sunny California, and Belichick, who has never cared for an offense much anyway, has the chance of a lifetime to select two potential hall-of-fame defensive studs in Gholston with the fourth overall pick and McKelvin with the seventh. 

Wow, what a change of events, when just months ago it looked as if the Pats would be scorched come draft day because of the whole Spygate incident.

Some fans thought New England was foolish for resigning Moss, but they knew what they were doing all along!

Some fans probably think Al Davis is not just foolish, but just a plain fool. He knows what he is…well I guess the fans may be right with this one!