SEC Coaches Needs to take a Cue from Nick Saban

Stacey MicklesCorrespondent IIMay 26, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - NOVEMBER 08:  Head coach Nick Saban of the Alabama Crimson Tide watches a play against the Louisiana State University Tigers on November 11, 2008 at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

This has been an interesting offseason in the SEC with all the talk among certain coaches about cheating, limo rides, rip shirts etc. Through this entire offseason one thing has been a consent; Nick Saban.

Saban is not well liked at all by most fans and coaches in the SEC, but he has remained silent through out this whole thing. He could have easily made a comment when Lane Kiffin and some of his assistant coaches made a crack at a Tennessee function about Saban and his recruiting in Memphis.

But instead of taking a nasty swipe at the Vols coaching staff, he just got a commitment from one of the best wide receivers in the state who happened to be from Memphis.

In sense he was thumbing his nose at the comments as if to say “Oh really?” When Gene Chizik and his Auburn coaching staff decided to ride around in limos to different high schools in Alabama to attract recruits, Saban again said nothing.

He just stepped up his high profile by playing himself in an upcoming movie. What’s more impressive a limo ride or a coach who will be in a major motion picture?

Saban has been in the game long enough to know that words aren’t going to win you titles, but actions do. He doesn’t have to go on the chicken circuit talking about other opponents.

Saban preaches about being concerned about his own program getting it done then worried about some else’s. And that’s the problem with the most of the high profile coaches in the SEC, they are too concerned about what the other guy is doing.

While other high profile coaches take digs at one another about their coaching and recruiting methods, Saban goes about his business doing his job and probably amused by the whole thing. While they take digs, he just picks up more recruits.

Saban just doesn’t care that much about what other people say or think about him. His main concern is winning ball games at the University of Alabama not kissing the fans, coaches or media’s behinds. He realized long time ago the best way to get back so to speak at other coaches and the media is to just win baby.

Winning has allowed him to basically talk to his fan base about their attitude before the Sugar Bowl without taking much of a hit from them. Fans realize where the program was before he got there and where it would be without him, so right or wrong they gave him a pass.

Saban has proven time and time again at LSU and Alabama that being a winner and having a winning attitude is what makes a successful program. He is trying to install that attitude in his fans and players as well. Let winning do the talking for you. May be the rest of the SEC can take a lesson from that.