Denver Broncos: New Defense Will Flourish

Bryce BedingerContributor IMay 26, 2009

Last year, Millions of Broncos fans watched as our defense gave up touchdowns, allowed first downs, and well...sucked!

During this offseason, I've had multiple comments on how the Broncos defense sucked last year, and will suck this year. Other than the fact that the Broncos had the No. 32 defense last year, I would say that none of those people have anything to back up what they are saying, and obviously didn't watch the games.

Last year, the following players were injured for the season, or out for a period of time: Elvis Dumervil, Boss Bailey, D.J. Williams, Marlen Maqree, and our star player (and captain) of the defense, Champ Bailey.

As the Broncos suffered from these losses, other fans mocked and ridiculed. Thankfully, the Broncos organization have fixed these problems.

First of all, the Broncos switched to a 3-4 defense. I couldn't count how many times I yelled at my TV when the Broncos gave up a TD, all because the CB's were getting burned from lining up 20 feet away from the wide-outs.

With receivers having that much room, you're basically giving the opposite team an easy first down.

Another problem that we had was Bailey being injured. Though it's not impossible, it's highly unlikely that Bailey will get injured again.

Having one guy injured last season may not seem like a huge problem, but if your CB has eight consecutive pro-bowls, and is considered one of the best defensive players in the league, you are definitely at a loss.

Again what we've done to improve that is adding new defensive players to our team (Brian Dawkins, Alfonso Smith), and having Bailey not get injured (hopefully).

I will admit, the Broncos had a lot wrong with the defense last year. There was even one game where FB Spenser Larsen started on both offense AND defense, they needed the help.

But we got that help. And as of right now, I can confidently say that the Broncos defense will at least be in the top 15-20 in the league, which is basically all we need with the offense that we have.

I'm excited to see the Broncos defense play this year.