Eagles Fans Still Clamoring for a #1 Receiver

Michoel BotwinickSenior Analyst IApril 18, 2008

It's been exactly 48 days since the NFL free agency signing period began on February 29th, but the Philadelphia Eagles  still haven't acquired a No. 1 wide receiver—the foremost need for an embattled Eagles team hoping for a successful '08 season. 

Which isn't to say they haven't tried.  At the beginning, when they went all out in acquiring the former Patriots star corner back Asante Samuel, what Eagles fans didn't know was that the Eagles had also come terribly close to signing teammate Randy Moss, perhaps the best receiver in the whole league. 

After a noticeable delay, however, Randy Moss resigned with the New England Patriots.  As free agency advanced, and the Eagles signed the better-than-average blitzer Chris Clemons—once more addressing the defense—and later Dan Klecko, there were rumors that the Eagles were trying to land Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona Cardinals, another No. 1 receiver. 

Despite the fact that Larry Fitzgerald's deal needed to be reconstructed, and that it was supposedly his second-to-last year as a Cardinal, the Cardinals and Larry Fitzgerald repeatedly said that he wasn't going anywhere.  The Eagles offered disgruntled corner back Lito Sheppard and mediocre receiver Reggie Brown, plus possibly a draft pick or two, but in the end the prospective deal came to no avail. 

And that's basically where the Eagles stand now.  They signed a few more free agents—mostly addressing the defense—but as for a wide receiver it's still nothing but talk. 

There have been rumors about dissatisfied receiver Chad Johnson from the Cincinnati Bengals, but for know it's just talk and rumor.  Besides, do the Eagles need another T.O.?  Do they want to risk it? 

There was also talk about Roy Williams from the Detroit Lions, but there's no reason  the Lions organization would ever want to do a deal. 

For now, the Eagles are looking to the draft, particularly several elite wide receivers in Malcolm Kelly, Limas Sweed, and DeSean Jackson.  While the Eagles have 19th round draft pick, the Eagles could very well trade Lito Sheppard for an earlier pick. 

Meanwhile, Eagles fans are just hoping for a wide receiver—any wide receiver.