WWE RAW: Enough Is Enough!

Yair GalavizCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

I was watching RAW last night and I felt betrayed. I felt that I was watching one of the worst RAW shows ever. I understood why there are so many people who look down at wrestling and at wrestling fans. I will give my toughs on certain parts of the show the way I see it.

First of all, Isn't RAW supposed to be a WRESTLING SHOW! We got less than 30 minutes of Wrestling on a two-hour show. We usually get that same amount of wrestling on WWE Superstars and its onlsy a one-hour show!

But let's start at the beginning. Vince Mcmahon. Why O please god WHY does this man continue to do such stupid stunts like what we saw yesterday.

He wants to be taken seriously by the mainstream media and advertisers  yet with these actions, they look at him as a joke. Just don't get me started on his lame attempt at Penis Jokes!

He looks like a desperate man who craves attention and ratings to pull stunts like this. In fact, due to this and other parts of the show, it was a two-hour commercial that there was something much better on ESPN!

I really don't care much about basketball, but I have to admit, I changed the channel many times to check out the Basketball game.

Then we had the Divas match. Wait, we had the Divas rolling around on the mat and then a very lame end to the match. The Divas division is dead. Such a shame.

The Golddust and Hornswoggle skit and match are just painful to watch. Who the hell is writing this? I swear during the match on which these two were involved.

I simply changed the channel for the basketball game. I was upset and angry.

I have never felt like this from watching a wrestling show. Its the lack of respect for their talent that makes this so terrible.

The Miz interaction with Big Show was good in my opinion. But this is due to the Miz being on fire the last couple of weeks.

The triple threat match was ok as well. And the segment with Ric Flair was not bad.

But we had to watch almost one hour of a terrible show to get to something good. I predicted Kennedy was going to come back tonight but not this way.

I would not have brought him back until the main event, not given away the surprise in the middle of the show.

Then once again we go to a bad part of the show. Santino came out. Look, I like Santino, but at this point, his character is getting boring. He is shown weak in the ring and fighting Vicky Guerrero, please.

The main event introduction, again, it reminded me that a Playoff Game was on ESPN. The idea of the introduction was awful, and what was worse was the Jerseys they had to wear. Nothing will do justice to how bad of an idea this was than when Randy Orton came out.

The disgust in his face of having to lower himself for something this stupid was evident. You could see he hated the idea of wearing a jersey to come out and wrestle. He felt the same way I did and it was not his character being disgusted, it was Randy Orton the man.

The match itself was odd, there were too many participants for it to be memorable. The ending of the match wasn't that great and the faces prevail.

I feel upset about this show simply because there is talent in the roster, but the writing has been awful. Compare this show to Smackdown and you have night and day.

Smackdown is a fantastic show, yet RAW which should be the No. 1 show, is such a mess. It's a shame and I really hope they can take this show out of the gutter and into the spotlight as it once was.