NFL Team Reporter Draft 2008

greg pitschSenior Analyst IApril 18, 2008

Here at Bleacher Report, there is a huge amount of positive feedback that gets tossed around.  Most of which may be arranged or coordinated towards "immature" draft picks, due to a lack of knowledge. 

In this draft, our very own writers will be picked upon by NFL Teams to do some journalism for the organization.  If you are offended in anyway, I am sorry, but this is strictly for fun.

Here are the first ten picks, more to follow.

NFL Writers Mock Draft Commissioner - Trey Bradley, and Zander Freund

1. Miami Dolphins-  Joe Willett, Chicago.
They select Joe, in hopes that he will develop into a great writer, knowing that he is the youngest of the crop, he has the most time to develop. The Dolphins take him, for his fiery outrage, and he will soon be considered a Solid pick, maybe in five years.

2. St.Louis Rams- John Fennelly, New York.
This is who the Rams have been eyeing all along, although he is a Giants fan, they can Mold him to be a well- rounded writer, to support they're bismal team. 

3. Atlanta Falcons - Jeff Little, CA.

Jeff doesn't like the idea, and wishes the Falcons could've passed on him, so he could land in his dream situation.  But he smiles and holds up his new Falcons notepad, and after the photo tells them to work on a trade.

4. Oakland Raiders- Sean Crowe, Newburyport.
The Oakland Raiders select Sean, even though they know he doesn't want to be in Oakland.  He admits his hatred publicly on draft day, and Al gets on the phone to work a trade with Atlanta. "We want him outta here!"

5. Kansas City Chiefs- Andrew Kneeland, MN
Andrew is okay with his fate with the Chiefs, and is proud that he went in the Top Five, he quickly throws on the hat, and smiles for the Camera.  Nobody expected his backflip off the stage, with a pen in his mouth as he does a 360 and signs the contract without negotiating.

6. New York Jets-  Ryan Alberti, NV
This was a pick that shocked the world.  He was the last "could've been #1 pick" left in the green room.  This doesn't make him wilter at all.  He steps up to the green notepad, raises it into the air and smiles for the Jets Fans out there.  He then states,"I won't miss a beat."

7. New England Patriots- Adnan Tezer, ?
Adnan has been picked up by a team on the roll.  It is too bad he won't get the credit he deserves, as the Patriots fall to the bottom feeders in the league in 2009.  Although their team reporter works extremely hard around the clock.  Once Bilichik is fired for Spygate, and the first two Super Bowl trophy's are removed from the teams facility, Robert Kraft then moves Adnan to be the Head Coach, "It can't be worse than the last seven years."

8. Baltimore Ravens - Kevan Lee, WA
Another bold pick enters the room.  He is going to be proud to write and represent a pretty large media market.  Although the Ravens stick around in 2008 to compete, they too soon fall off, and the team is sold to a wolrd class business man, who then moves the team to Boise, Idaho, which brings Kevan back into spirit.

9. Cincinnati Bengals-  Greg Pitsch, CA
He can make a good fit to their PR, and marketing team with a balanced production level, although he is unhappy about where he is going, he sucks it up and goes to work.  He tries to get his first interview with Ocho Cinco, and when Chad stated he wanted to be traded, he wrote an article stating that CJ wanted to go to Oakland, after Chad landed in Oakland, Cinci began investigating as to what happened, "we thought Chad was Happy." And in turn  Greg was fired.  He became the first bust of the 2008 Team Reporter Draft.

10. New Orleans Saints -  Ron Johnson, MO
Ron is ecstatic about who picked him up, and decides to get straight to work.  The first thing he did with his signing bonus was pick up a 2005 VW Beetle and paint it to look like a saints helmet, figuring that was their last good season, and the sad part is that was their last good season.