The Amazing New York Mets of 2009!

allyah lombardoContributor IMay 26, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 16:  J.J. Putz #22 of the New York Mets celebrates after he struck out Fred Lewis #14 of the San Francisco Giants to end the game at AT&T Park on May 16, 2009 in San Francisco, California.  The Mets won 9-6. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

The Amazing Mets are definitely never boring. A game that may be a shoe in by the fifth inning will stay exciting until the last out of the game.

They may be playing the worse team in Baseball and get slaughtered or play the best team in baseball and they will slaughter them. The team plays like Perez has pitched....You never know what you going to get! But one thing is for sure The Metropolitans definitely play with a lot of heart!

I decided to go to the game yesterday instead of watching it on my couch like I usually do. It was the Mets vs. Washington Nationals—definitely not one of the better teams. So you would think it's a shoe in.

By the sixth inning it was 5-1 so you'd think the Mets will definitely win now...but would they? You never know with them.

For the third game in a row they had to go to the instant replay this time for Gary's home run! If I can say this as a side note, the instant replay was definitely not needed it was clearly a home run and even though I do think it is a good idea they added this feature to baseball I believe it has definitely been overused!

But this I guess adds the intensity and excitement to the Mets baseball games.

But back to the game…and I will start with the bullpen! A bullpen that has definitely been a lot better then last year!

Once Parnell pitches he walked three in a row! The crowd booing wanting him of the field by the second walk—wondering why Jerry waited for a base loaded situation. Putz saves the inning with causing only one National to score—THANK GOD!!!!

But then Putz pitches an inning and what does he do...He walks two people!!!! What is going on...Are the Mets cursed? Is it karma? Or maybe they want to keep that motto alive—Nothing ever comes easy, and lets make it an exciting ball game to the end!

Of course K-rod did save the game but not after a hit and yup a walk! 

Do I think the Mets can win the world series this year—I sure hope so. I do know this, that if they do get to the world series it will definitely be an exciting series. It will definitely not be easy! And if they do win it will definitely be AMAZING!