Can We Give Gene Chizik a Chance?

Trey ThornContributor IMay 26, 2009

With the entire bore that comes with the offseason of college football, I'd like to do a little reflecting on that very subject. 


SEC Media Days is right around the corner and I'm extremely confident that there will be plenty to talk about.  I can't say that I recall a coach that has sparked as much controversy coming into the league as Kiffin. 

Seems as if EVERYONE has an opinion on Tennessee’s newfound glory boy, but I for one am glad for the guy.  He's making another new coach in Chizik look good without Chizik having to do anything.  Chizik understands he's in a tight spot (therefore not making absurd statements) with A LOT of detractors, does Kiffin? 

Which leads me to the Chizik haters. Let me breakdown how a conversation between a Auburn and Alabama fan when it comes to the current state of events:

Bama fan: Your coach is 5-19.  36-0.

Auburn fan: Nobody wins at Iowa State. Your team can't finish.

I guess I can't blame the Bama Nation for being so critical of Chizik.  After suffering through some of the God awe full funniest coaching debacles one after another, I REALLY can't blame em'. 

The verdict is obviously still out on Chizik and honestly I think most of the Auburn Family is not sure as to what is going to happen.  I will you tell you this however, I'm damn confident Auburn will not have to go through five coaches to get it right.

A lot has been made over the whole "Tiger Prowl" situation.  Bama fans thought it was dumb, Auburn fans thought it was cool.  Apparently the recruits thought it was cool too. 

What's funny is it's not just the Bama fans speaking lowly of the limos, Mr. Meyers and Mr. Mullen cast their opinions on the subject.  I find myself mixed when it comes to Meyer's statement due to the fact he was misinformed but he still low-balled Auburn, saying the NCAA needed to investigate.  Step off Urban.

Then there is Dan Mullen.  Out of the three new coaches coming into the SEC, this guy probably has the best shot at failure.  Keeping silent early in the offseason, last week Mullen drove into Vestavia Country Club and spoke.

"We don't need to make national headlines to recruit," he said.  "Taking our budget, instead of buying fancy limos, we're gonna maybe get more sneakers for our players".

"Fancy limos", "sneakers", really Dan?  I'm sure he's a good QB coach but why is nobody talking about Mullen?  He's never been a head coach and he's supposed to turn Mississippi State around?

As the ol' saying goes, time will tell.  The cards are stacked against all three new SEC coaches and it's beyond me as to how it will play out for them.  Of the three, I'm glad to have Chizik in my corner.  He has the tools now to succeed, he's a proven defensive coach and he's not pissing off other SEC schools with his mouth.  So I say give him a chance.